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Voltage is defined as the electrical potential difference between two points. So, when measuring a voltage, it is measured between two points. Most oscilloscopes are equipped with standard, single ended inputs, which are referenced to ground. This means that one side of the input is always connected to ground and the other side to the point of interest in the circuit under test. Therefore the voltage that is measured with an oscilloscope with standard, single ended inputs is always measured between that specific point and ground.

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Differential input motor

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Rockwell Automation Analog Differential Input HART - Current/Voltage 8 Pts (36 Pin)

Rotating speed adjustment circuit and related control system for a heat dissipation fan. Patent number: Abstract: A rotating speed adjustment circuit for a heat dissipation fan includes a first node, a second node, a reception end for receiving a first control signal, a first resistor coupled to a voltage source and the first node, a second resistor coupled to the first node and the second node, a third resistor coupled to the second node and a ground end, a capacitor coupled to the first node and the ground end, a transistor coupled to the reception end, the second node and the ground end, an oscillator for generating an oscillating signal, and a comparator for comparing a signal of the first node and the oscillating signal, so as to output a second control signal to control a rotating speed of the heat dissipation fan.

Type: Grant. Filed: December 24, Date of Patent: April 17, Assignee: Anpec Electronics Corporation. Circuits and methods for a multi-differential embedded-clock channel. Abstract: An interface circuit for a multi-differential embedded-clock channel for communicating data provides efficient utilization of the bandwidth of the channel. The interface circuit includes at least four first signals, at least four second signals, and a multi-differential amplifier. The multi-differential amplifier is coupled to the first and second signals.

The multi-differential amplifier is adapted to generate the second signals by amplifying, for all combinations of two of the first signals, differential transitions between the two of the first signals. Each of a plurality of symbols of the data has a corresponding one of the differential transitions, and the differential transitions are serially communicated through the channel. Filed: July 12, Date of Patent: August 31, Inventor: James Ridenour McGee.

Servo control circuit. Abstract: The present invention discloses a servo control circuit comprising: a first node for receiving a control voltage; a second node for receiving a feedback voltage; an operational amplifier controlling a current on a path according to the voltages at the first and second nodes, the path including an internal voltage node thereon; an analog to digital converter ADC for converting the voltage at the internal voltage node to a digital signal; and a control logic circuit for generating a servo control signal according to the digital signal.

Filed: February 6, Date of Patent: June 29, Assignee: Chip Goal Electronics Corporation. Inventor: Hui-Yen Hsieh. Digital signal detection for high speed signaling systems. Abstract: Methods and apparatuses for detecting digital signals in high speed signaling systems. In at least one embodiment, at least one received input signal is combined with a plurality of predetermined reference signals according to a plurality of prior digital signal output states to generate a signal for detecting a present digital signal output state.

In one aspect of the invention, a method for determining a digital signal state in a differential signaling system includes: comparing a first differential input signal to a second differential input signal; determining a prior digital signal output state; comparing the first differential input signal to one of a first reference voltage and a second reference voltage; comparing the second differential input signal to one of the first reference voltage and the second reference voltage; and determining a present digital signal output state from the prior digital signal output state and from all of the comparisons.

Filed: April 16, Date of Patent: January 13, Assignee: Apple Inc. Inventor: William Cornelius. Method of measuring motor speed.

Abstract: A speed sensor for an electric motor detects the variation in the electric field of the armature due to commutation to produce an output signal indicative of the speed of rotation of the motor. Filed: December 18, Date of Patent: February 1, Assignee: Johnson Electrics S.

Inventor: James Ching Sik Lau. Motor overload coil control. Three remote signals are prioritized and reduced on one input line to the microcontroller. The control includes three-phase current measurement from three Hall effect current sensors positioned one on each leg.

The system includes current integration to provide a single current input to the microcontroller. A full load amperage FLA adjustment allows use on a wide range of motors. The microcontroller uses the FLA adjustment and the current signal to find an appropriate I2t value for real-time monitoring of the operating temperature of the motor. A status indicator is provided having an LED output to show the status of the system and indicate the motor temperature, when appropriate.

Filed: February 5, Date of Patent: October 19, Assignee: Eaton Corporation. Inventors: Patrick J. Griesemer, Christopher J. Wieloch, Kurt von Eckroth. Apparatus and method of regulating the speed of a DC brushless motor. Abstract: A control circuit for regulating the rotational speed of a DC brushless motor includes an electrical conduction switch having an input, an output and a control terminal for passing a motor supply signal to a DC brushless motor.

A voltage averaging circuit generates an averaged signal indicative of the average voltage level being supplied to the motor. The averaging circuit informs an error amplifier to modulate the motor supply signal to compensate for changes in the voltage level of the motor supply signal in order to maintain the rotational speed of the motor at a generally constant rpm.

The control circuit takes advantage of the motor windings and rotor mass as a filter circuit to smooth changes in current drawn by the motor, and to further maintain the rotational speed of the motor. Filed: August 7, Date of Patent: February 13, Assignee: Nidec America Corporation. Inventor: George H. Anti-glitch circuit for voice-coil-motor servo operation in disk drive systems.

Abstract: A circuit to pull down a driver circuit of a motor, including a circuit to monitor the input signal to a driver amplifier to compare the input signal with the output signal from the motor and to output a difference signal when the input signal and the output signal are different, and a circuit to pull down the driver circuit in response to the difference signal. Filed: November 23, Date of Patent: November 28, Assignee: Texas Instruments Incorporated.

Inventor: Dennis Vernon Hahn. Motor control circuit. Abstract: In an optical disc player, as signals are read from and written to an optical disc, the optical disc is rotated by a spindle motor and an optical pickup is moved by a sled motor. These motors are both direct-current motors. The motor control circuit of the invention uses a drive circuit based on the BTL method, and additionally uses a resistor that is connected in series with the direct-current motor between the output terminals of the drive circuit.

The voltage drop across the resistor is fed back, as positive feedback, to the drive circuit through a feedback amplifier. Since, when the motor is started up, a high current flows through the motor and thus a large voltage drop occurs across the resistor, a high feedback voltage is obtained and thus a high drive voltage is applied to the motor.

Filed: June 27, Date of Patent: January 4, Assignee: Rohm Co. Inventor: Seiichi Yamamoto. Tape drive with high performance gain amplifier using radio frequency dielectric heating. Abstract: A power amplifier 18 for driving a brushless DC motor 22 includes a processor 40 which receives a signal indicative of motor situational usage and generates a mode state signal indicative of which one of a plurality of amplification modes is to be implemented in response to the received signal.

The amplification modes include a linear mode and a switching mode, with the switching mode including a two quadrant switching mode and a four quadrant switching mode.

The amplifier 18 further includes a controller 50 which, in response to the mode state signal, generates control signals for each of coil drive circuits 26 associated with the motor. Further, in response to a signal indicative of motor situational usage, processor 40 generates a power state signal which causes controller 50 to connect coil drive circuits 26 to a suitable one of a plurality of differing voltage sources 21, Filed: October 23, Date of Patent: April 6, Assignee: Exabyte Corporation.

Inventors: James Zweighaft, Dallas Baumann. Brushless motor drive circuit including a linear amplifier for sending an output signal based upon the detected back electromotive force voltage. Abstract: In a d. The output amplifier includes a set of transistors each brought to a saturated conductive state or a cutoff state in accordance with the phase conduction sequence to connect one end of each motor winding to a ground voltage source, and another transistor operated continuously to connect the neutral point, which is opposite ends of the motor windings connected together, to a power voltage source.

Filed: July 24, Date of Patent: October 6, Assignee: Hitachi, Ltd. Inventors: Yasuhiko Kokami, Satoshi Kondo. Speed control circuit for a DC motor.

Filed: October 29, Date of Patent: September 2, Assignee: Abbott Laboratories. Inventors: Bill H. Niemi, Stephen J. Brushless dc motor unit and method of driving the unit.

Abstract: A brushless dc motor unit has 3-phase armature windings, a permanent-magnet rotor, a dc power supply having a motor drive voltage and a midpoint voltage that is one half of the motor drive voltage, and an electronic commutation circuit. Back emf voltages at armature winding terminals are individually delayed by less than

US2640967A - Differential transformer - Google Patents

A disk drive controller including a differential voice coil motor control function is disclosed. The differential voice coil motor control function includes an on-chip compensation network for the inner control loop, including a resistor formed of one or more MOS transistors connected in series. The gate of the MOS transistors in the compensation network is driven with a bias voltage based on a tuning current, where the tuning current is derived so that it varies with process and temperature variations of the integrated circuit, for example with variatio The gate of the MOS transistors in the compensation network is driven with a bias voltage based on a tuning current, where the tuning current is derived so that it varies with process and temperature variations of the integrated circuit, for example with variations in an on-chip capacitor. The on-chip compensation network can be tuned with sufficient precision to properly compensate the inner control loop to provide the desired frequency response in driving the voice coil motor in the disk drive. What is claimed is: 1. A differential feedback control circuit, comprising: a sense amplifier for sensing a feedback parameter and for generating a differential feedback signal; summing circuitry for producing a differential error signal corresponding to a differential input signal and the differential feedback signal; a differential gain stage, having inputs coupled to the summing circuitry for receiving the differential error signal, and having a pair of outputs presenting an intermediate differential signal responsive to the differential error signal

Motor part-loads may be estimated through using input power, Voltage is a differential parameter; it is always measured between two points.

Differential Drive

Jump to navigation. Kollmorgen is the leading global manufacturer of motor solutions for the robotics industry. We have decades of experience and an established track record in enabling robotic innovation for the most challenging applications — surgical, collaborative, industrial, and defense. Our robotic motors are mobilizing nearly 1 million robot joints and robotic arms today. With the widest range of standard and custom robotic motors, drives, controls, gearing and actuation, Kollmorgen will partner with you to find the optimal solution that differentiates your design. This terminal is an interface for direct connection of incremental encoders with differential inputs RS Incremental encoders with alarm output can be connected at the negative switching status input of the interface. The measurement of period and frequency is possible. The gate input allows the locking of the counter, alternatively with a high or low level. The latch input is similarly configurable and evaluates high or low levels.

US7522368B2 - Differential voice coil motor control - Google Patents

differential input motor

The ideal wheeled drive for a Robo-Rats robot mechanically guarantees straight-line motion. The is important because it simplifies odometry sensing and eliminates time-critical processing on the Handyboard. The synchro drive does give a mechanical guarantee of straight-line motion assuming the wheels are properly aligned but it would be difficult to build using Lego parts. The dual differential drive, given its name because it utilizes two mechanical differentials, also guarantees straight-line motion and it is relatively simple to construct in Lego. Unlike the use of the differential in a car-type drive , where it distributes input force to two output shafts, the dual differential drive, or DDD, uses its differentials to combine the forces from two input shafts and uses the resulting sum to drive a wheel each drive wheel has its own differential :.

How do I implement differential drive? I've searched this forum and I can't find an explanation I can understand, or a snippet to reverse engineer.

Differential measurements

Coronaviruses encompass a large family of viruses that cause the common cold as well as more serious diseases, such as the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID; formally known as nCoV. Coronaviruses can spread from animals to humans; symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties; in more severe cases, infection can lead to death. Blastomycosis fungal infections spread through inhaling Blastomyces dermatitidis spores. Discover the latest research on blastomycosis fungal infections here. Alterations in nucleocytoplasmic transport, controlled by the nuclear pore complex, may be involved in the pathomechanism underlying multiple neurodegenerative diseases including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Dementia.

What is the purpose of using a differential amplifier? (Common-mode rejection ratio: CMRR)

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Exact common-mode and differential-mode equivalent circuits of inverters in motor drive systems taking into account input rectifiers Abstract: In this paper, exact common-mode and differential-mode equivalent circuits of PWM inverters in motor drive systems are derived by taking the input rectifiers into account. The proposed equivalent circuits are derived by viewing the whole system as a chain of networks. The input rectifier and the inverter are represented by switching functions, while other parts are represented by impedance circuits.

Well, the transfer function is a differential equation. Using Laplace transform it may be written: H(s) = output(s)/input(s).

5502 Differential Analog Input Module

The ability to track the temporal structure of events in a dynamic environment is crucial to cognition and action alike. In order to guide timely reactive and proactive behavior the individual has to draw upon some internal representation of temporal relations or temporal structure. Here an event may be defined as a perceived change in the formal structure of the environment, i.

Single-ended/differential typification

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Differential amplifiers are used mainly to suppress noise. Noise consists of typical differential noise and common-mode noise, of which the latter can easily be suppressed with an op-amp.

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Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I'm working on a motor controller design that I would like to be as flexible as possible without driving up my BOM cost and board area more than necessary. To that end, I would like to use a single input circuit and connector to handle both single-ended and differential encoders. I'm operating under the assumption from my own experience that most encoders run on a 5V supply is this a bad assumption?

Differential drive is most common in two wheeled robots which are controlled by two servos or motors and have forward and reverse capabilities. The module solves the problem of converting from one directional specification into a differential one. Interface Instructions 1. The minimum and maximum values define the full range of what those values can be.

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