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Speaker tweeter purpose

Tweeters are small audio drivers that are specially designed to reproduce upper sound frequencies, which are generally known as high-frequency sounds or treble. Treble includes drum effects and high-pitched sounds from musical instruments. Tweeters are small in size since they reproduce smaller sound waves than regular speaker drivers. Most tweeters are limited to a frequency range of between 3 kHz to 20 kHz.

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Speaker tweeter purpose

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In the context of audio, the word tweeter was first used during the mid twentieth century. It refers to a loudspeaker that is often used in high-fidelity systems for the reproduction of high-frequency sounds. Used in conjunction with a subwoofer and a crossover network, a tweeter is an integral part of a sound system. The term tweeter is derived from the word tweet , which is the name given to the shrill chirp, or warble, of a bird.

Originating during the mid s, the word itself is an imitation of the sound made by a small bird. In its digital media context, tweeter refers to a person who posts messages or updates to the social media platform Twitter. The use of the term tweet was suggested in by Twitter founding developer Blaine Cook. The verb tweet and the noun tweeter began to be used in the mainstream media in ; they were added to the Oxford English Dictionary in Soft dome tweeters have a dome about half the diameter of a golf ball.

View the full definition in the Macmillan Dictionary. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Written by admin. Origin of the word In the context of audio, the word tweeter was first used during the mid twentieth century. You may also like. View all posts.

What Is a Piezoelectric Tweeter?

By: HowStuffWorks. Traditional speakers produce sound by using an electromagnet to move a flexible cone back and forth. They use drivers to help translate electrical signals into physical vibrations so that you can hear recorded sounds. A tweeter is the type of speaker driver that produces the highest range frequency. The other two main drivers are woofers and midrange. Basically, a driver moves a flexible cone, or diaphragm, back and forth very quickly to produce sound waves. The diaphragm is normally made of paper, plastic or metal and it's attached to the suspension's wide end.

Car Speakers · Barry John 3 inch Tweeter 3 inch Tweeter for Car & Audio System 80W max 4 · KAXTANG TS Car Coaxial Dome Tweeter Speaker Watt Max (Black) TS.

Super Tweeter Speaker

The subwoofer and tweeter are the two essential components of your speaker system. Subwoofers are larger and more noticeable in your entertainment system, whilst tweeters are tiny components that produce high-frequency sounds. Low-frequency sounds are more difficult to produce than high-frequency sounds. When it comes to tweeters, having better quality tweeters will ensure that you have a better experience with both mid-frequency and high-frequency sounds. Most low-frequency speakers would lose clarity and detail in these two regions. If you choose a low-quality tweeter, the sound will sound harsh and the details will be lost in the reproduction. The quality of the subwoofer solely influences its lifespan, not its sound quality. Subwoofers create low-frequency sounds; if you do not have the appropriate subwoofer for your environment, you will end up crowding the room, resulting in sound frequency cancellations and disrupting the natural reflection of sound from the room. A tweeter creates high-frequency sounds, whereas a subwoofer creates low-frequency sounds.

Do you really need car tweeters in your audio system

speaker tweeter purpose

You sit in your car, and almost immediately your hand reaches for the radio to play some music. But what are tweeters and what do tweeters do? Designers ensure that when a speaker is put together, you are getting the best sound that can be provided. To do that, the speaker will be made up of multiple different components which must work together in unison to give you the best sound quality. These components include magnets, cones, voice coils and many other intricate parts.

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Differences Between Mid-Range Speakers, Tweeters & Woofers

A tweeter loudspeaker is used for high-frequency sounds, typically those sounds used to repel animals or to produce high-frequency noises in songs, movies and other audio. There are many tweeter speakers, such as the cone speaker, which has a small and fast cone and looks like a woofer. The dome tweeter is formed like a dome, has larger voice coils than most other tweeter speakers and is normally used for high-quality systems. A ribbon tweeter uses a rapidly moving ribbon that is lightweight, but it typically this needs more power than the other tweeters to make high-frequency sounds. Air motion transfer AMT systems use air to create high-frequency sounds, and they tend to have fewer parts but can be difficult for designers to create. Cone tweeter speakers normally look circular on the outside, but there is a small cone inside that is built from stiff or soft material, or both.

Loudspeaker driver configurations explained

Best car audio tweeters come in different types and brands. Tweeters for cars There are several factors that can influence what best car audio tweeters will be suited for you such as: price range; design preferences; wattage needs; brand reliability and customer service reputation all play a role in determining which twitters work best for each individual case. Best car tweeters are an essential part of your vehicle audio system. Car tweeters can be housed in a component speaker housing along with woofer s bass to create full range speakers or sometimes by themselves for components that focus more on mid-range frequencies instead of low bass tones. Tweeters help you to get the most out of your car audio system. Tweeters are responsible for producing high frequencies, which means they can reproduce some notes that woofers and subwoofers cannot. Best Car Audio Tweeter speakers accentuate sound details like vocals and different instruments playing together in a song or soundtrack. They make music more dynamic and engaging by adding depth and clarity to the mix.

This variety of speaker uses a special piezoelectric crystal that is connected to a movable diaphragm. Piezo tweeters, as they are sometimes called, are usually.

What is a speaker tweeter?

Many audio enthusiasts only go as far as making sure their system has plenty of bass. Take often overlooked tweeters, for example. However, tweeters have an important function. The shape and material used to make tweeters directly correlates to the quality that you hear coming out of your stereo.

What Are Tweeters? What Do Tweeters Do? The Tweeter Speaker Guide

What are the differences between mid-range speakers, tweeters and woofers? The mentioned speakers refer to different driver types in speakers that have different sizes and roles to play in sound reproduction. Tweets are small and produce high frequencies; woofers are large and produce low frequencies, and mid-range speakers split the difference. A speaker driver is the transducer component responsible for converting audio signals electrical energy into sound waves mechanical wave energy. The vast majority of speaker drivers have an electrodynamic design.

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Car Tweeters

The tweeter is one of the essential parts of a speaker system. A tweeter can be defined as a small speaker that handles high frequencies and helps create crisp and sharp sounds for you to enjoy during music playback. Below is an overview of how tweeters work and some options for tweeters. A tweeter is the smallest speaker in a set of speakers. It handles high frequencies and creates crisp sounds for you to enjoy during music playback. Main types of tweeters: There are three main tweeter types on the market today: dome, ribbon, and planar magnetic tweeter. A tweeter should be chosen based on your needs: whether you want one with a wide dispersion or more focused directionality.


In the context of audio, the word tweeter was first used during the mid twentieth century. It refers to a loudspeaker that is often used in high-fidelity systems for the reproduction of high-frequency sounds. Used in conjunction with a subwoofer and a crossover network, a tweeter is an integral part of a sound system.

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