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Terminated or unterminated speaker cable

The result is a completely neutral speaker cable that allows good hi-fi and home cinema equipment to shine, For ease of assembly and to ensure correct speaker 'phasing' the inner spacers, Designed with performance in mind, 3 metres, Digitalis Audio are authorised QED partners. Attractively finished utilising a side by side ' double figure 8' configuration with each silver-plated core visible through a flexible 3, At higher frequencies QED Silver Anniversary-XT retains a near-linear signal transfer. The result is a completely neutral speaker cable that allows good hi-fi and home cinema equipment to shine. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Show off your school pride and contribute to an atmosphere of team spirit on game day by sporting Indiana State University colors in this high-end fan gear. Our silver jewelry is made from Sterling Silver.

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Terminated or unterminated speaker cable

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Speaker Cable Terminations

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: NH. Which is your preferred method for terminating your speaker cable and why? I've generally been using either banana plugs or bare wire. Is there any benefit to trying out a spade lug? Is the connection more secure with a spade lug than a banana plug? Barnabas Collins , Jul 10, Location: Gilbert Arizona. Location: Long Island. Spades, more surface area.

Location: San Jose, CA. I used spades when I made a set of Cat5 speaker cables using the Chris VenHaus instructions because there was no way I could get 27 wires each 24ga into a banana plug.

Only the WattMaster spades could handle that mass of wire. My current DIY silver foil cables have no connectors. Just a notch cutout in the foil. So my position is, if bare wire won't work, use spades - high pressure crimped, not soldered. Metralla , Jul 10, Bare wires, as Mayall. Location: Bare wire all the way. If you must use banana's or spades, properly soldered connections are the only way to go as they provide the best termination over any kind of crimp connection.

Chops , Jul 10, Location: Sunshine State. I used bare wire for ages, but I changed to banana plugs this year. I like the convenience. Location: Melbourne, Australia. I have found bare wire sounds best with new cables, but oxidation and other chemical agents in the atmosphere will have a big impact over the long run.

Spades are my preference for long term connection. They give the most secure connection with the best contact. I find banana plugs to give a much poorer connection, and in my system I can hear it - more grain. Location: Silverton, OR. Bare Wire always less material to material transistions. Mark W. Location: Melbourne Australia. What about bare wire with solder applied for longevity? Location: Pleasantville, NY. Tony Plachy , Jul 10, Bare wire.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada. Great surface contact area. Location: The OC. Doug Sclar , Jul 11, A while back I got into a public debate with a well know cable manufacturer that has since closed shop. The topic was how to properly terminate a solid core wire.

He insisted that crimping was the "best method". I do think that crimping stranded wires does indeed work out very well. But a crimped solid core wire will eventually come loose. He made a video and posted it up on youtube, while I took a step by step pictures and put it up on photo bucket. Here is a technique that you can use to both solder and crimp either a solid core or stranded wire to a spade. The trick is to first just solder on the very tip of the wire and then crimp.

If you crimp and then solder, the connection will eventually loosen. Metralla , Jul 11, Location: Cedar Rapids, IA. I prefer banana plugs. Mellenhead , Jul 11, Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Speaker Cable

Unless you're a hard-core audiophile, don't even think of buying expensive speaker wires or interconnect cables. I get this question all the time, "Do I need to spend a lot of money on wire? True, you'll use a cable a lot longer than it takes to drink a bottle, but I wouldn't recommend spending more on a single set of wires than you'd spend on wine--unless you're an audiophile. Audiophiles obsess about the tiniest details of sound quality. That, and we frequently listen attentively, an activity few non-audiophiles ever do. Everybody else puts music on and then reads, talks, works, exercises, or cooks. So if you're not really listening, I wholeheartedly agree, spending money on expensive cables isn't a smart move.

Chord Company - C-ScreenX Speaker Cable (per metre unterminated) Chord Company - SignatureXL Speaker Cable - factory terminated pair Sold Out.

TM QED Silver Anniversary XT Speaker Cable with X-Tube technology 3 metres, Unterminated

US UK. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. Item :. In a conventional multi-strand cable distortion caused by electrical and magnetic strand interaction are compounded as each strand changes position within the bundle. In an Audioquest Semi-Solid Concentric-Packed cable strands within the bundle maintain their fixed rigid relationships significantly reducing distortion. This copper is considered "Oxygen-Free Copper. AudioQuest's Long-Grain Copper means fewer impurities less grain junctions and lower distortion.

Audioquest GO-4 (Unterminated)

terminated or unterminated speaker cable

An audio multicore cable often colloquially referred to as a multicore , snake cable or snake is a thick cable which usually contains 4—64 individual audio cables inside a common, sturdy outer jacket. Audio multicore cables are used to convey many audio signals between two locations, such as in audio recording , sound reinforcement , PA systems and broadcasting. In audio engineering , the term multicore may refer to the several things:. Multicores usually create a link between the stage and sound desk , or live room and control room. When used in sound reinforcement, the multicore cable runs from the stage box or microphone splitter to the front-of-house sound desk, where it connects to a mixing console.

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

Audio multicore cable

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QED X-Tube XT400 Speaker Cable Terminated / Unterminated Banana NEW GENUINE

You really are. This should be loads of fun. Following are our recommendations based on the category of user. For anything that is destined to go in-wall, you want unterminated CL2-rated cable. That includes your surround speakers, in-ceiling or in-wall speakers and anything that might run up inside a wall cavity—even for a short run. That might be a short jump from the back of your AV gear to a center channel speaker you mounted up higher on the wall below your television. These are most common for interior wall-mounted televisions. For these, you can get away with running terminated cables of the proper length because the wire is technically removable and not permanently enclosed within the wall cavity.

Which is your preferred method for terminating your speaker cable and why? I've generally been using either banana plugs or bare wire.

Mogami themselves have openly admitted that they produce very small amounts of this cable each year due to the complicated process and the various difficulties they face for the manufacture of this particular cable. In fact they have gone on to say that the process is uneconomical. Hence this cable is almost unobtainium other than from a couple oems. Dealers lap up whatever small lots whenever they get their hands on them.

To arrange a demonstration of this product please fill in the details requested below. Your preferred store will then contact you to arrange a suitable time. If your local Audio T store is not listed above it may be that they do not stock your chosen item or do not currently have it available for demonstration. However, they may be able to in the future. Find the details of your local store by clicking here. Simply reserve your product today and then arrange to pick it up from your nearest Audio T store.

US UK. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart.

Choose from either the K10 or the K20, choose the length you require and whether you want your cable terminated with banana plugs. The choice is yours. Here we offer fantastic Genuine Linn Cables. This offer is for single lengths of speaker cable, if you would like a pair of cables, choose the length you require, the type of cable, and whether you want it termminated, and then choose quantity 2 The K10 is a simple, quality loudspeaker cable designed for use in single-wire applications. The K10 cable contains 2 stranded copper loudspeaker cables. This discreet cable is ideal for use in simple Linn systems set up in a single-wire configuration.

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