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Legal Proceedings Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders Selected Financial Data Financial Statements and Supplementary Data Controls and Procedures Directors and Executive Officers of the Registrant Executive Compensation Certain Relationships and Related Transactions Principal Accountant Fees and Services Accordingly, no assurances can be given that the actual events and results will not be materially different than the anticipated results described in the forward looking statements.

See "Item 1. Business - Competition, Markets and Regulations" and "Item 1. Business - Risks Associated with Business Activities" for a description of various factors that could materially affect the ability of Pioneer Natural Resources Company to achieve the anticipated results described in the forward-looking statements.

Prices include consideration of changes in existing prices provided only by contractual arrangements, but not on escalations based upon future conditions. In the absence of information on fluid contacts, the lowest known structural occurrence of hydrocarbons controls the lower proved limit of the reservoir. Gas equivalents are determined under the relative energy content method by using the ratio of 6.

With respect to information on the working interest in wells, drilling locations and acreage, "net" wells, drilling locations and acres are determined by multiplying "gross" wells, drilling locations and acres by Pioneer Natural Resources Company's working interest in such wells, drilling locations or acres. Unless otherwise specified, wells, drilling locations and acreage statistics quoted herein represent gross wells, drilling locations or acres; and, all currency amounts are expressed in U.

Pioneer is an oil and gas exploration and production company with ownership interests in oil and gas properties located in the United States, Argentina, Canada, Gabon, South Africa and Tunisia. The Company's executive offices are located at N. O'Connor Blvd. The Company's telephone number is At December 31, , the Company had 1, employees, of whom were employed in field and plant operations.

Available Information Pioneer files annual, quarterly and current reports, proxy statements and other documents with the SEC under the Securities Exchange Act of Also, the SEC maintains an Internet website that contains reports, proxy and information statements, and other information regarding issuers, including Pioneer, that file electronically with the SEC.

Mission and Strategies The Company's mission is to provide shareholders with superior investment returns through strategies that maximize Pioneer's long-term profitability and net asset value. The strategies employed to achieve this mission are predicated on maintaining financial flexibility and capital allocation discipline. Historically, these strategies have been anchored by the Company's long-lived Spraberry oil field and Hugoton and West Panhandle gas fields' reserves and production.

Underlying these fields are approximately 65 percent of the Company's proved oil and gas reserves as of December 31, These fields have a remaining productive life in excess of 40 years. The stable base of oil and gas production from these fields, combined with the deepwater Gulf of Mexico Canyon Express, Falcon and Harrier gas projects which began production in September , March and January , respectively, and the Sable oil discovery in South Africa which began production in August will generate the operating cash flows that will allow the Company to improve its financial flexibility in These activities will be further enhanced by initial production in mid from the Company's Devils Tower oil discovery and the Raptor and Tomahawk gas discoveries, all located in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

The above exploration successes represent some of the results of the Company's decision to selectively reinvest capital from the long-lived Spraberry, Hugoton and West Panhandle fields to areas offering superior investment returns. Similarly, the Company will continue to: a selectively explore for and develop proved reserve discoveries in areas that offer superior reserve growth and profitability potential; b evaluate opportunities to acquire oil and gas properties under terms that will complement the Company's exploration and development drilling activities; c invest in the personnel and technology necessary to maximize the Company's exploration and development successes; and d enhance liquidity, allowing the Company to take advantage of future exploration, development and acquisition opportunities.

The Company is committed to continuing to enhance shareholder investment returns through adherence to these strategies. Pioneer's purpose is to competitively and profitably explore for, develop and produce oil, NGL and gas reserves. In so doing, the Company sells homogenous oil, NGL and gas units which, except for geographic and relatively minor qualitative differentials, cannot be significantly differentiated from units offered for sale by the Company's competitors.

Competitive advantage is gained in the oil and gas exploration and development industry through superior capital investment decisions, technological innovation and price and cost management. Petroleum industry. The petroleum industry has been characterized by fluctuating oil, NGL and gas commodity prices and relatively stable supplier costs during the three years ended December 31, During and just prior to , the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries "OPEC" and certain other oil exporting nations reduced their oil export volumes.

Those reductions in oil export volumes had a positive impact on world oil prices, as did overall gas supply and demand fundamentals on North American gas prices. During , world oil prices increased in response to political unrest and supply disruptions in the Middle East and Venezuela while North American gas prices improved as market fundamentals strengthened. During , world oil and North American gas supply and demand fundamentals continued to strengthen.

Significant factors that will impact commodity prices include the final resolution of issues currently impacting Iraq and the Middle East in general, the extent to which members of OPEC and other oil exporting nations are able to continue to manage oil supply through export quotas and overall North American gas supply and demand fundamentals.

To mitigate the impact of commodity price volatility on the Company's net asset value, Pioneer utilizes commodity hedge contracts. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data" for information regarding the impact to oil and gas revenues during the years ended December 31, , and from the Company's hedging activities and the Company's open hedge positions at December 31, The Company. The Company's asset base is anchored by the Spraberry oil field located in West Texas, the Hugoton gas field located in Southwest Kansas and the West Panhandle gas field located in the Texas Panhandle.

Combined, these assets create a portfolio of resources and opportunities that are well balanced among oil, NGLs and gas, and that are also well balanced between long-lived, dependable production and exploration and development opportunities. Additionally, the Company has a team of dedicated employees that represent the professional disciplines and sciences that will allow Pioneer to maximize the long-term profitability and net asset value inherent in its physical assets.

The Company provides administrative, financial and management support to United States and foreign subsidiaries that explore for, develop and produce oil, NGL and gas reserves. The Company focuses its efforts towards maximizing its average daily production of oil, NGLs and gas through development drilling, production enhancement activities and acquisitions of producing properties while minimizing the controllable costs associated with the production activities.

During the year ended December 31, , the Company's average daily oil, NGL and gas production increased as a result of i a full year of gas production from the Company's Canyon Express gas project in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, ii gas production since March from the Company's Falcon gas field in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, iii increased production from Argentina primarily resulting from the resumption of oil drilling activities since the third quarter of , iv oil production since May from the Company's Adam field in Tunisia and v oil production since August from the Company's Sable field offshore South Africa.

These increases more than offset normal production declines. During , the Company's average daily oil, NGL and gas production decreased primarily as a result of oil and gas property divestitures that were supportive of the Company's debt reduction goal. Production, price and cost information with respect to the Company's properties for each of the years ended 6 December 31, , and is set forth under "Item 2.

Drilling activities. The Company seeks to increase its oil and gas reserves, production and cash flow through exploratory and development drilling and by conducting other production enhancement activities, such as well recompletions.

During the three years ended December 31, , the Company drilled 1, gross During , the Company drilled gross Excluding the acquisitions, the Company's capital expenditure budget is comparable to costs incurred for oil and gas producing activities. The Company has allocated the budgeted capital expenditures as follows: 65 percent to development drilling and facility activities and 35 percent to exploration activities.

The Company believes that its current property base provides a substantial inventory of prospects for future reserve, production and cash flow growth. The Company's proved reserves as of December 31, include proved undeveloped reserves and proved developed reserves that are behind pipe of Development of these reserves will require future capital expenditures.

The timing of the development of these reserves will be dependent upon the commodity price environment, the Company's expected operating cash flows and the Company's financial condition. The Company believes that its current portfolio of undeveloped prospects and reserves provides attractive development and exploration opportunities for at least the next three to five years. Exploratory activities. Since , the Company has devoted significant efforts and resources to hiring and developing a highly skilled exploration staff as well as acquiring and drilling a portfolio of exploration opportunities.

The Company's commitment to exploration has resulted in significant discoveries during this time period, such as the Sable oil field discovery in South Africa; the Aconcagua, Devils Tower, Falcon and Harrier, Tomahawk and Raptor discoveries in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico; the Olowi permit discovery located in the Southern Gabon basin; and the Borj El Khadra permit discovery in the Ghadames basin onshore Southern Tunisia. The Company currently anticipates that its exploration efforts will be approximately 35 percent of total capital expenditures and will be concentrated domestically in the Gulf of Mexico, and internationally in Argentina, Canada, Gabon and Tunisia.

Exploratory drilling involves greater risks of dry holes or failure to find commercial quantities of hydrocarbons than development drilling or enhanced recovery activities. Acquisition activities. The Company regularly seeks to acquire properties that complement its operations, provide exploration and development opportunities and potentially provide superior returns on investment.

Financial Statements and Supplementary Data" for a description of the Company's acquisitions during , and The Company periodically evaluates and pursues acquisition opportunities including opportunities to acquire particular oil and gas properties or related assets; entities owning oil and gas properties or related assets; and opportunities to engage in mergers, consolidations or other business combinations with such entities and at any given time may be in various stages of evaluating such opportunities.

Such stages may take the form of internal financial analysis, oil and gas reserve analysis, due diligence, the submission of an indication of interest, preliminary negotiations, negotiation of a letter of intent or negotiation of a definitive agreement.

Asset divestitures. The Company regularly reviews its asset base for the purpose of identifying non-strategic assets, the disposition of which would increase capital resources available for other activities and create organizational and operational efficiencies. While the Company generally does not dispose of assets solely for the purpose of reducing debt, such dispositions can have the result of furthering the Company's objective of financial flexibility through reduced debt levels.

The net cash proceeds from the , and asset dispositions were primarily used to fund additions to oil and gas properties or to reduce the Company's outstanding indebtedness. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data" for specific information regarding the Company's asset divestitures. The Company anticipates that it will continue to sell non-strategic properties or other assets from time to time to increase capital resources available for other activities, to achieve operating and administrative efficiencies and to improve profitability.

Operations by Geographic Area The Company operates in one industry segment. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data" for geographic operating segment information, including results of operations and segment assets. Marketing of Production General. Production from the Company's properties is marketed using methods that are consistent with industry practices. Sales prices for oil, NGL and gas production are negotiated based on factors normally considered in the industry, such as the index or spot price for gas or the posted price for oil, price regulations, distance from the well to the pipeline, well pressure, estimated reserves, commodity quality and prevailing supply conditions.

Significant purchasers. Approximately 16 percent, eight percent and seven percent of the Company's combined oil, NGL and gas revenues were attributable to sales to Williams, Conoco Phillips and Enterprise, respectively, and approximately five percent of combined oil, NGL and gas revenues of were attributable to sales to ExxonMobil and Plains.

The Company is of the opinion that the loss of any one purchaser would not have an adverse effect on its ability to sell its oil, NGL and gas production.

Hedging activities. The Company utilizes commodity swap and collar contracts in order to i reduce the effect of price volatility on the commodities the Company produces and sells, ii support the Company's annual capital budgeting and expenditure plans and iii reduce commodity price risk associated with certain capital projects.

See "Item 7. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data" for information concerning the impact on oil and gas revenues during the years ended December 31, , and from the Company's commodity hedging activities and the Company's open commodity hedge positions at December 31, Competition, Markets and Regulations Competition.

The oil and gas industry is highly competitive. A large number of companies and individuals engage in the exploration for and development of oil and gas properties, and there is a high degree of competition for oil and gas properties suitable for development or exploration.

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