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Aural Fixation: MT’s Favorite Car Stereo Test Songs

Yes, we have fun drifting Porsches in Finland and piloting Land Rovers along the western coast of Africa , but there exists another perk of this job you might not expect.

Whereas most folks have to spend thousands with a company like Marantz or McIntosh to exercise their audiophile muscles at home, every automaker seems to be trying to get in on the premium audio game.

Something that people generally don't realize is that the audio in the cabin of a car can often be superior to your home setup, as it has been tuned for the reflections and surface textures around you, and of course, the position of your two ears.

That's not so easy to replicate with a home system. But vehicle engineers can carefully design your listening pleasure because they're the architects of your rolling concert hall and know which seat you're sitting in.

The bad, is that unlike your home, a car might be barreling along at 70 mph and self-creating a lot of competitive noise from wind-hiss, tire-whir, suspension impact booms, and engine rumble—with all of them coming from different directions. Those beautifully tuned acoustics are suddenly less beautiful. It's sort of like having the sonic excellence of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but with Disney Hall's walls made out of construction paper, so you're also hearing the noise on Grand Ave.

Matters are further complicated by car occupants also needing to be able to understand each other when they converse. Human hearing has evolved to be super perceptive to sound within a narrow range of frequencies—centered at , , and Hz—because that's the realm where human speech resides.

Ever try to talk in a busy restaurant and the person across the small table can't understand you? That's what's called masking. It's when there's ambient sound already present in the frequency range where you're trying to hear something else, such as your dinner guest's voice. Car engineers try to relocate a car's , 1,, and Hz frequency noise to other frequencies to improve intelligibility, but this conflicts with listening to music, which occurs over a much broader frequency range.

And either way, a car's self-generated noise masks any frequency that's quiet, not just those where human speech resides. With manufacturers eager to send us loaded press cars with every available option, some of us are testing systems like these every night. So who better to ask than MotorTrend for the best songs to test your new car's 10,watt speaker laser-etched-aluminum-grille audio setup? Keep reading to find out the songs our editors use to separate the stereos trading on name from the real audiophile experience.

When testing car stereo systems, you are not only defining the quality of the speakers, but how those waves of sound bounce around a cabin filled with soft and hard surfaces. With that in mind, here are my three tracks that test how well car audio engineers have integrated their systems into a vehicle:. If your car stereo is exceptional, you can hear Rowland Salley's fingers slinking across the strings on the sultry opening bass riff, accompanied by Isaak's vocal range that sweeps from grumbly baritone to heartbreaking falsetto with the ever-so-noticeable voice break.

And while the opening is minimalist and subtle, the rave-up's chiming guitars and tinny cymbals is an equal challenge. This is the ultimate "wall of sound" song. Most car stereos cannot process the myriad layers of distorted sonic sludge that Billy Corgan laid together on this track, instead just turning it into a disappointing midrange mush. Once it gets past the possible collision of all that aural sex, another true test of a car stereo is how quickly it reacts to cranking the volume at precisely the mark.

This is the thickest, sludgiest, fuzziest, riffiest, filthiest, doomiest record ever recorded. If you're about to disagree, stop talking because you're wrong. There's just nothing else like it. But that's not what makes the record so heavy and fantastic. As the band's guitarist Jus said, "Most of us were stuck in some drug addiction or alcoholism at the time, and it was just pure hate.

It was us against the world, and we just wanted to make the most disgusting, foul, putrid record that anyone has ever recorded. We camped out at the studio, so it was literally just wake up, consume as much fing drugs as possible, and then just start jamming. I will never forget having the good people at Revel demoing their then-top-of-the-line system to me inside a Lincoln MKX. Would you mind if I played a song? Thirty seconds later, both of their faces melted.

True story, except for that last part. And seriously, I will forever "test" any and every stereo I encounter with this record.

You've never heard anything like it. Off their "Generic Shame" EP, this song is a dynamic rollercoaster. With the added benefit of also being an excellent song. My favorite all-time song, as a matter of fact.

I'll never forget blasting this somewhere in the middle of the desert in a Rolls-Royce Phantom headed from L. Or was that the time he and I drove a Bentley Mulsanne to Vegas for a poker weekend? Point is, few songs can test out every single frequency of an audio system. This is one of them. Arguably the only good song off "Led Zeppelin IV," and what makes it so incredibly, monumentally, astoundingly great is the drumming of John Bonham.

Specifically, Bonzo's right foot, that incredible, ultra-compressed, tape-delayed, recorded in a mansion's stairway on just two mics "Ga-Gack" double ghost boom. The better your car's stereo, the better the best kickdrum of all time is going to sound. I guess the rest of the song has guitars and singing and stuff, but you shouldn't care. In fact, the Beastie Boys got it the most right when they sampled and looped the opening measures that only feature the drum beat on their song "Rhymin' and Stealin'" off "Licensed to Ill," sparing us from all that harmonica, going to Chicago jibber jabber.

Seriously though, this song will tell you if your ride's sound system is good enough. Probably the best musical test of a car's audio system is classical music as it comprises an enormous diversity of instruments, and its dynamics loud or quiet are often very extreme. Popular music tends to be more constant in dynamics, partly because - if it contained classical-like quiet moments - people would have to slow their cars to hear it. It's a mostly youth orchestra, and if you think that 'classical' music is boring, you haven't heard the Dude and his young, and Latin-passionate, hometown band: Arturo Marquez's "Danzon 2.

To see how crazy they get, watch Leonard Bernstein's "Mambo! This adrenaline-raising number from Eagles of Death Metal's sophomore album is my go-to song for testing an audio system in a performance car. Opening with a steady beat from the snare drum, kick drum, and high hat, the song quickly ramps up with the grungy guitar riffs that give the band their characteristic lo-fi sound.

With this song, I look for clarity in the midrange at high volume. Are the guitar riffs and vocals free of unintended distortion? Does the song become harsher and peakier the louder it gets, or does it kick more ass with every crank of the volume knob? If I'm enveloped in a sonic cocoon of radness that just makes me want to hit the gas, then the system passes the test. It'll take over half a minute to understand why this is my stereo testing go-to, but right around the second mark it should become clear.

Sustained bass. This lesser-known track off the North Carolina rapper's studio debut has one of the lowest, richest, cleanest, and most consistent bass lines in my library. And of course, just eight bars after its introduction there's a secondary drop that hits even harder. Not only will this song test a subwoofer's peak power on that first hit but also its sustained output as the s continue to thump throughout the duration of the track. The sub that exists as part of Lincoln's speaker Revel audio system in the Aviator is certainly up to the task.

Whether it's Mercedes-Benz 's FrontBass system that uses rigid frame members as a subwoofer resonance chamber, or the optional inch Kicker sub they'll toss in the trunk of a BRZ, J. Cole and my girl Missy are always there to help me assess. What starts with a "Wipeout"-reminiscent single-stroke roll on the low tom unravels into a poetic, dynamic, romp of a rock song that closed out the Arctic Monkeys' debut.

On an album notorious for loud, compressed mixing, an audio system that celebrates the mellow moments as well as it does the raucous jam-band outro is one with real breadth and versatility. Part of what makes a great test song is familiarity, and I listened to Daniel Caesar's swooning sophomore album Case Study 01 more than anything else this summer.

My favorite track, "Restore the Feeling," introduces itself with silky falsetto and a grainy guitar lick, but the second chorus and outro are really where it's at. Caesar's collaboration with vocal harmonic master Jacob Collier results in a veritable wall of blended voices that will test any system's vocal separation and soundstage.

I highly recommend it. I confess to having very particular some would say limited tastes in music, and my favorite car speaker systems make me feel like I'm in the middle of a packed nightclub dance floor. That means immersive sound, balanced delivery from all sides, and artillery-grade bass. People stepping on my shoes or spilling drinks on me, less so. Side note: I'm really tall, so with the driver's seat adjusted my ears usually line up with the B-pillar. If I lean forward a smidge, the audio can sound completely different.

It seems like my seating position orients my head outside of these speaker arrangements' optimal calibration. Tilting forward puts it back in the zone designed for normal humans.

Now you know. A kick drum assault and wobbly, hypnotic bassline gauge how deep the subwoofers can go. Is the rearview mirror shaking loose? The bass shouldn't overpower, though—I listen for that weepy synth tune to come through bright and clear. This tune has layers upon layers of sharp-edged melody and percussion. I want each of those to feel like they're poking me in the tympanic membrane. Kommodo's arrangement makes the tweeters work, and it shows how well the system distinguishes mid and high ranges.

If good, it's like stepping on a pile of Legos. Except with my ears. You know what I mean. It's all about balance. I can't listen to bangers all day. Sometimes I just want to chill. On great sound systems, I'll hear it side-to-side and end-to-end. When I'm in a car, the first thing I look for when turning on the infotainment system is how well the sound fills the cabin. Can you hear the music playing from behind your ear? Is there too much treble?

Try These Songs to Give Your Car Audio a Workout

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The Best Value Apple CarPlay Touchscreen Car Stereo: Sony XAV-AX " Media Receiver. Wedding Song Essentials. Apple Music Pop. R&B Love Songs. Seductive.

The 10 Best Tracks for Evaluating Audio Equipment

Want to option your next car with that fancy, branded premium audio system? Here's how to get peace of mind from your splurging. For music lovers, there has never been a better era in which to buy a new car. Automakers realize your in-car entertainment needs have evolved over the past decade or so, and consequently they're working more closely than ever with speaker companies like Harman and Bose to transform your car into a concert hall on four wheels. If you're someone who appreciates how music can heighten the driving experience -- or you're wondering if that premium audio system is worth the added cost -- here are the basics to understanding in-car audio. View Full Version : Good songs for stereo tuning. So what are some good songs to use to tune a stereo system with? Something with a wide range of sounds including some good bass segments. FYI, I gravitate towards classic rock but also like some "newer" artists like coldplay, collective soul, pearl jam, dave matthews, death cab for cutie, etc. Thx for any suggestions.

Best Songs for Testing Speakers in 2021

music car audio test songs

The truth is, everyone has their own favorites when it comes to testing their speakers. So, there is no right or wrong. But first, if it's your aim to do music professionally, you'll want to check out our free ebook while it's still available:. Pop certainly has its moments when it comes to testing your speakers. Because playing through the myriad of drum-and-synth hits is going to prove unsatisfying after a while and by a while , we mean a couple of tracks tops , you'd better have your hands on a properly curated list.

Dual Subwoofers. More About Subwoofers.

Top 10 songs to test your stereo system

Whether you love crystal-clear notes or deep-thumping bass, a top-notch car audio system is absolutely vital to your driving experience. Tint World installs car stereo systems that stand up when the bass drops. Your in-car stereo has the ability to deliver better sound quality than the sound system in your living room, but it also has more challenges to overcome. The smaller space and highly engineered interior of your vehicle is probably a better venue for the sound, but road and engine noise, wind, weather and other factors can get in the way, too. So, how can you tell if your car audio system is the best around? The writers at MotorTrend have published a list of the top songs to put your car stereo through its paces.

GM audio engineer lists Top 10 songs to test your car's stereo

Poweramp v2 was one of the best Android audio apps for a long time, offering amazing sound quality and tweaks. Poweramp v3. I used EAC to rip because I am fanatical about ensuring the integrity of the ripped data. Similarly, I used BladeENC because it is touted as being one of the best free encoders on the web in terms of audio quality at higher bitrates. Both test tracks were ripped at , , and Kbps bitrates and burned to a CD-R. Freq analysis.

Wynk Music - Download & Listen mp3 songs, music online for free. Enjoy from over 30 Lakh Hindi, English, Bollywood, Regional, Latest, Old songs.

The 6 best songs to test car speakers

Is it time for a road trip? A new car's sound system can present a stimulating challenge to shoppers who want to test how good it may be. But experts say it's simple enough to do if you bring along music that's familiar to you. Sound is subjective, says Elliot Scheiner, audio producer, sound engineer and developer of high-end ELS stereo systems used in Acura automobiles.

A Playlist to Test Speakers In a New Car

Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by davmar77 , Sep 23, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. GM audio engineer lists Top 10 songs to test your car's stereo Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by davmar77 , Sep 23,

This research by Headphones Pro Review is supported by our readers.

Best Summer Songs to Put Your Car Audio System to the Test

What's blasting from your car speakers, and more important, how does it sound? For sound-system engineers at the audio-equipment manufacturer Bose, a playlist is more than tracks that slap. To test stereos, they need songs representing a variety of sounds and recording techniques to make sure new systems can re-create a song with the depth of the original recording. To have a common reference point, Bose engineers all over the globe share a master playlist. Armitage says the track Bose playlist is updated periodically, and engineers can use it alongside a smattering of their personal favorites or recent Grammy winners. He walked us through a few selections from his test list. It shows you where your center image [the imaginary center stage of the recording] is, and it's full bandwidth, so you can hear frequencies that aren't aligned properly.

Yes, we have fun drifting Porsches in Finland and piloting Land Rovers along the western coast of Africa , but there exists another perk of this job you might not expect. Whereas most folks have to spend thousands with a company like Marantz or McIntosh to exercise their audiophile muscles at home, every automaker seems to be trying to get in on the premium audio game. Something that people generally don't realize is that the audio in the cabin of a car can often be superior to your home setup, as it has been tuned for the reflections and surface textures around you, and of course, the position of your two ears. That's not so easy to replicate with a home system.

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