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Olson am 240 amplifier kit

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Click "Projects" and then "Stanley en Oliver". Only available in Dutch. This book is a Swedish translation and was sold by Danish "High Fidelity" magazine. In the years to come I built quite a range of valve preamps, but only one power amp, a push-pull EL84 that really wasn't very good: Loyes, "Grand Amateur ". For some 8 years I wasn't doing much hifi and had some unfortunate solid state amps and a CD player while all my vinyl was in the attic.

There's a time for everything and from the last two years of work on high-efficiency speakers, I needed a wider range of low-wattage valve amplifiers, thus also a reference B SET amp - 22 years after Hiraga's book. Better late than never. After some serious coupling cap tests , this amp delivers some of the most enjoyable sounds I've ever had.

Despite 8 watts maximum output it runs the DTQWTs very well and I'm always looking forward to setting it up again after having used my other amps for testing speakers.

The B triode. The Valve has a substantial ceramic base and in general appears well made. Internal structures are a little different from normal. However the connection between Glass Bulb and base was worryingly loose and lacking in rigidity. I felt distinctly unhappy handling these Valves. While no valve with a separate base should be pulled out by its glass bulb this lack of solidity is worrying and possibly has an influence on the sound too.

Both valves where identical so I do not think this was an isolated fault. The valves where pretty new but run in for around Hours. Sonically this valve failed to convince, sounding bright, harsh and edgy. Soundstaging was lacking too. One positive side, the bass was quite strong and well defined but the overall tonal balance was subjectively objectionable and faintly unpleasant. This valve may have needed "burn in", however my experience has so far been that few valves change their sound dramatically after burn in.

Moreover, the friend who bought them still reports similar sonics many hours later. Microphonics are about average.

Bright, harsh and edgy I couldn't disagree more. Point is: Read any review on valves with a big grain of salt - including mine. There may be an awful lot of circumstances determining the outcome of a given construction.

Steven R. Rochlin has this on the JJ valves: Although a bit microphonic, it seems to have the best balance of smooth mids with upper and lower frequency extension in my beloved Wavelength Audio Cardinal amplifier. If fact i love it so much it now pretty much permanently resides on it as part of my main reference system, only giving way to the WEB when i desire a more, um, seductive sound. Ambience and imaging are excellent as it inner resolution too!

This is the latest B to arrive here in my humble abode and also the best so far for direct replacement on a normally run B amplifier. Some of you might worry about a bit of that blue glow on the top, but then again so did the WEB have that at the beginning too.

I feel there is just too much emphasis on that top blue glow. Yes, it does mean a few things, yet it's not necessarily gonna make your system sound like junk, burn down a small village, and release a nuclear warhead on your government. Sheeesh, relax and enjoy the music! What more can I say then that?

You too might find yourself in love while enjoying the music. I mean, take your pick on valves. Someone told me the EF were better than the D3a, so I bought a pair. To my ears the D3a are the best, but difference is small, if any. Construction pics back to top. Right: Only a test set-up to view final appearance. Top panel is 3 mm alu. Very important with 95 dB speakers! Left: First all heater supplies and signal cables.

All cables used are silver plated copper in teflon. Teflon is great compared to e. PVC as it doesn't curl up during soldering and you need a lot of heat here and there. Right: High voltage lines shaping up. Left: This chunky mains trafo has a lot of secondary windings!

Tube amps need a lot of different power supplies. Siemens D3a tubes in front. I had my 12SL7 from the US. Right: Preliminary amplifying stage with whatever coupling caps I had a hand. Left: Ready for turning on the power switch. Right: No smoke or bad smell!! Time to measure voltages and see if I could reproduce the values given by Triode Dick and John Eekels.

Bottom panel. Measurements back to top. Bold red is John Eekels measurements. In circles my measurements, left and right channel. Measurements done with shorted input. Fluke true RMS meter used. My mains supply was volts this evening, rather high. CLIO measurements. The CLIO can be useful for amps too.

At 8 watts into 8 ohms the amp starts clipping. All as expected. The coupling caps back to top. It is claimed that only the 0. Buying high-quality 2. For the 0. Left: Auricap 0. Left: Russian FT3 teflon caps, 0. Right: Hovland 0. Right: 2. Had to wait some time for the silver-gold coupling caps. This amp is enormously sensitive to the quality of 0.

Put in a low cost Solen cap - and you have an amp you can listen to for hours and hours; smooth as velvet. Jantzen Superior cab did well too but I like these Z-caps better for speaker crossovers. Before entering some comments on sound, let's see what others have found always a good idea! Apart from the very expensive V-Cap Teflons , consensus is not the first thing that comes to mind after reading these reviews.

As always: Read a lot and do your own tests. It can be quite amusing reading what people come up with in terms of describing sound. I've collected a range of expressions here. Caps tested: 1. Auricap 0. Russian FT3 teflon caps, 0.

Hovland 0. Russian Silver Mica, here 40 nF for C1. Russian Silver Mica, nF for C3. The Solens have already been commented. Smooth and easy on the ear, but seriously lacking in treble balance and resolution. Russian FT3 : Smooth, smooth as described by Jon, I couldn't agree more on his characterisation of this cab. Transparency is quite good and if you have trouble with sibilance, try this cap. Not my cup of tea. Auricap : An overall smooth sounding capacitor with fairly good resolution - if it wasn't for the Hovlands just being better.

Hovland : This is a cap I could live with.

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Welcome to over posts and to over 50 articles on amplifiers, tube-based preamps, crossovers, headphone amplifiers, single-ended amplifiers, push-pull amplifiers, Circlotron circuit design, hybrid amplifiers, cascode circuits, White cathode followers, grounded-cathode amplifiers, tube series regulators and shunt regulators, the Aikido amplifier, tranformer coupling, DACs and tubes — and hundreds of vacuum tube circuits that use 6SN7s to B s, all explained in careful detail. Blog Posts on GlassWare Products. I have been making due with taking apart CAT-5 cable, but the results are not ideal. Why not? The wire is either 24 or 26 gauge and the sheathing is usually PVC, which is not very heat resistant, and the wire easily unwinds. Attn-2 Stereo Stepped Attenuator Stepped attenuators deliver decisive clicks and precise attenuation. Sadly, they are never cheap—well, at least the high-quality ones are never cheap, as the sealed switches with hard-gold contacts are expensive in the extreme. Thus, the need to be frugal with the number of switches used. The new Attn-2 uses two rotary switches, one 6-position switch on the left for fine decrements of 1dB and one positon switch on the right for coarse 6dB decrements, which allows for 0dB to dB in 1dB steps for two channels Well, that is not what I did.

R M Olson 335 Kit Build

olson am 240 amplifier kit

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Has anyone heard of Olson, or Olsen tube stuff?

David, aka Grumpy, needs our help. Great news. David is home! It was quite the ordeal to get him home and into the house, but it is done. Thank you to everyone for their support.

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Originally Posted by faithintruth. Has anyone got a schematic for John Tucker's I read the article in Positive Feedback mag. What gives? It seems to have disappeared. I know it's not a kit but was highly reviewed. I am also intrigued by the Tubelab SE with 45 tubes.

the supplied terminal kit as per pictures #1 and #2. V. 4. Directly above a walkway unless 7 ft, above grade. For HCS 60A and HCS 60 AM at ".

Elementary Electronics 1966 05 06 1

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Click "Projects" and then "Stanley en Oliver". Only available in Dutch. This book is a Swedish translation and was sold by Danish "High Fidelity" magazine. In the years to come I built quite a range of valve preamps, but only one power amp, a push-pull EL84 that really wasn't very good: Loyes, "Grand Amateur ".

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