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The series will focus this year on "Scientific Revolutions Old and New. The year has been designed as the World Year of Physics commemorating the centennial celebration of Albert Einstein's "miracle year" in physics , when he published revolutionary papers on relativity, quantum theory and molecular physics. The OSU series will consider the broader history of scientific revolution, bringing to campus noted scientists, historians and philosophers from the United States and abroad. In addition to the conference, seven lecturers will speak at OSU on scientific revolutions, ranging from mathematics and astronomy in the 17th century, to modern revolutions in climate models, genetics and cosmologies. The Oct.

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Floor Standing Speakers Horning Euf

I stopped by yestoday ay NY show for a couple hours. I like what this company trying to do but I really do not like what they ended up doing. The importer began to spread such foolishness that I was looking at his face trying to determine if he was just kidding or if he really was an idiot.

No, he was not kidding and I decided that the conversation was over. I do not know if they had the same distributor last year and I do not remember if I spoke with the same people. The distributor indicated a complete luck of ANY familiarity with the product even thought the question I asked are distinctive for this particular design and the answers are well-described at the manufacturer web site and in any reviews of the product.

The speaker is bult around Lowther driver. Lowther at HF is very fuzzy sounding driver, no mater how you plug it. The upper midrange sounds phenomenally good, in a way remaining what Vitavox S2 driver dose, although way thinner. It is nice that they do not use the Lowther with an open bottom if they do!!! They high-pass they driver at Hz it sounds like however I do not think they do it but it is still mistakably low frequency.

Yes, I understand that the dropping the woofers low-path and raising the Lowther low-path would force an introduction of a dedicated upper-bass direct radiator channel. Thorsten wrote: First, the Lowther has ze wizzer cut off and has an Equalisation circuit to flatten ze upper midrange bump. Probably they let the Lowther decay I upper knew naturally, which is fine. The lower knee in their Lowther quite low and they truncated it at Hz. Subjectively I would estimate that thier Lowther works way lower but I do not know how low.

This what and why I was asking the sales rep. In fact an opened first order has no effect to sound besides the sound of the cup. Why the industry created the faulty paranoia that a 6dB filter is bad but the idiotic structure-of-sound-destroying resonators are good is way beyond my understanding.

The TQWT housing the Lowther and that housing the rear mounted woofer are of different length and are in effect mounted back to back. However, the division between the two end sections of the two TQWT's is missing and thus in effect there is just one "horn mouth" and beyond a certain point the horn becomes one.

So, if we want to view the Hoernings as Horns we have a split throat single horn. OK, it makes sense. How, difficult for that rep at the show would be juts to mention it?

Thorsten wrote: Crossovers on woofer and tweeter are 1st order and the woofer s carry on quite high up in frequency to support the Lowthers lower midrange. Ok, contact Romy the CaT. Print Thread. Page 1 of 1 6 items. Select Pages:. Most recent post in related threads. A new reiteration of the Moscow setup Horn-Loaded Speakers Forum. Post mapped to one branch of Knowledge Tree.

Post ID:. Reply to:. Rgs, Romy the Cat "I wish I could score everything for horns. Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree. Horning further questions. First, the Lowther has ze wizzer cut off and has an Equalisation circuit to flatten ze upper midrange bump. Thorsten wrote:. Crossovers on woofer and tweeter are 1st order and the woofer s carry on quite high up in frequency to support the Lowthers lower midrange.

Re: Horning further questions. Romy the Cat wrote:. I was quite surprised when I read it, as Hz is too high for those 12" Beyma to handle. Horning updates? I do not think any of your objections would be changed by the latest version as he is now using push-pull array of beyma 8" drivers up to hz and lowther above.

Still, i have listened extensively and absolutely enjoy. He has added an extremely good proprietary tweeter which does the right dynamics through large orchestration too. Does it do bruxkner? Obviously I do not know what bruckner you get and I can not hope to match. My bruckner 9th tonight with jochum and bpo and i am a tiny dot on an enormous universe of silence created by sound, it is breathtaking.

If you ever find yourself dragged into horningnroom again please update thread? R weissman. In near or sub dB there are plenty interesting MF performers.

The Lowther doing MF only and do not stretched for idiotic full range is very good option and Horning did show it off. I do not think that I will have a chance to hear the new revision of Horning.

I do not go to shows, do not knock in the doors of dealers and to the best of my knowledge there is no one in Boston that I know who use Horning. If somebody would do Lowther for MF only but in context of a large ways acoustic system then it might be worth to try listening it.

In my view Horning is shooting itself in foot by trying to make a compact and cute loudspeaker that easy to sell and easy to place right next to a big slick TV. This is fine of cause but my definition of interest nowadays is not a slick loudspeaker but large-scale, no holds barred acoustic system.

Horning Speakers

All reserved. Tekst Webside. Floor Standing Speakers Horning Euf. H most recent edition of the prestigious hi - end Speaker makes a difference with a new cab, which uses strong curved sides and redesigned mechanical rate for eight woofers in each channel.

Eight speakers and two commentators will discuss ways in which botanists, zoologists, paleontologists, chemists and evolutionary biologists have.

Distributore Horning - 12 pezzi

March PT told me on the phone that he only had the Horning flagship for demo, no other Horning models were available for audition. I almost turned down the appointment thinking of my smallish room that could only accomodate speakers of very moderte size, but just can't resist the chance of hearing a Horning design that attracts so many good reviews from audio writers to whom I respect. Besides, Horning designs are said to be very efficient which should be a very good match with my Kondo gears. When I with my wife first stepped into PT's listening room, I was surprised to see so many equipments whose brand names I've never heard of. My focus was, of course, on the Horning flagship. It did not look like other design of Horning's, it's piano finish, narrow and 4 feet tall, pretty cool, even my wife loved it at first sight.

Horning Hybrid Aristotle Hi-Efficiency Speakers

horning speakers model

LOG IN. Hi I'm interested in hearing about opinions about Horning Speakers. Would they work well in a room 11x18 and close to the walls I've auditioning varous speaker desgins and the Hornings are a speaker I would like to know more about Unfortunately I have no way of listening to these myself and looking for public opinion My sonic preferences are a very natural sound and highly musical presentation. Ideally the speaker would have a small footprint Bass while important,lack of deep low end can be compromised provide the speaker is both highly musical and natural sounding.

Stunned, actually. I actually had to kneel down, check to see if there actually was a power cord running into the massive Silver Circle conditioner and even touch one of the buttons on the Pure Sound A before I even realized that it was, in fact, there for actual use.

Horning speakers

By iainbo , April 30, in Trade Classifieds. Beautiful Horning Eufrodite Ellipse finished in Applewood. As new condition and my EX Demo pair. These speakers are simply amazing with a deep and fast articulate bass with a midrange that is unbeatable. These speakers allow the music to breathe properly and become totally addictive in the way they play music.

RMAF12: High Water Sound with Pure Sound and Hørning Hybrid

The Danish speakers were being driven by Chinese designed and made Watts per channel Audio Music monoblocks. The Eufrodites sounded pretty good and looked interesting. Those are big. Well, I guess the Hornings are big by the standards of some speakers, but not big by the standards of others. Everything is relative. I think I know what she means though. The result of such placement was a massively muddy sound, boomy bass and almost no top end.

believe that the speakers could reproduce the Horning Alkibiades Signature Gold Loudspeakers density rating (depending on the model)

Horning Eufrodite Ellipse PM 65 speakers Review

I am very well aware that many fellow music lovers do not have the space for a large loudspeaker. Having created the majestic Eufrodite, my next objective was to translate those fundamental design principles into a smaller cabinet which would demonstrate the same attributes and qualities. So, that restless passion from which has evolved loudspeakers that win accolades at the most distinguished audio celebrations, has been dedicated to producing a model for those of us whose musical appreciation is compromised only by space constraints.


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Partner them with a valve amplifier of matching quality and the sheer resolution, dynamics and realism of the Horning speaker is majestic. The Horning Eufrodite Ultimate Zigma is physically identical to the Eufrodite Ultimate, but features Lowther DX65 mid-range drivers, as well as an upgraded tweeter, which adds to the already incredible soundstage and performance. The Eufrodite Ultimate Zigma are even more powerful, and can shock listeners with the sheer realism and crystal clarity of its delivery. The thrill of hearing music's dynamic contrasts, its vibrant tonality and spatial extremes will erase all obsessions about technical details, the experience will affect your body, your heart, your mind, it will take hold of your emotions and you'll realise this is what you've always expected from your favourite recordings The Eufrodite is a handsome, hand-made loudspeaker of superior construction and materials which will suit many listening rooms and ensure the very best from the system they are partnered with. The Horning tweeter is free from the resonances at ultra high frequencies, which is a characteristic of diamond tweeters response over 20 khz.

Below statement written by Tommy Horning of Horning Hybrid. I am very well aware that many fellow music lovers do not have the space for a large loudspeaker.

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Horning Hybrid. Rita McLamb - October 3, Trending Now. Rita McLamb - October 8, 0.

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