आ गया MT-1601 का बाप MT-2201 Dj Amplifier | Nx Audio DJ Amplifier | nx audio mt2201 apmlifier price

NX Audio is driven by our Dedication to quality and most important Reliability. NX Audio for over the last 18 years has made a name for itself as a high-quality brand offering excellent products at Great Prices.

When the MT series was launched in 2004, the best complement we got was from many satisfied Sound Engineers who said “the MT1201 has the tightest bass response and woofer control I've ever heard" and its Bigger brother the MT1601 with a Damping Factor of 1000 is still ruling the roost as the Tightest Bass amplifier in India. Our Overbuilt power supplies ensure superb Damping and Slew rates for Solid Chest Thumping Bass. Nx Audio Amplifiers are built Solid like a rock and MT1201 Amps sold in 2004 are still running with Rental Companies attesting to their Reliability.

Website:- https://www.nxaudio.com/

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