✅ DONE! Cessna 172 Avionics Makeover [+] Startup & First Flight

It's time! After so much work, the final pieces are coming together on 23U, our Cessna 172 that is getting an avionics and panel makeover. You've witness the great work that has gone into this instrument panel. We've kept a lot of the original spirit of this wonderful airplane, while also adding new technology to move it toward a TAA aircraft.

This will be a major boon for our flight school. Our student pilots will be able to learn instrument flying to a much greater extent, and practice the skills necessary to become instrument pilots.

We've worked closely with Garmin and many other avionics manufacturers to make the dream of this panel come through.

Now that the instrument panel is basically done, and the avionics installed, we're getting the airplane totally airworthy.

First we start with getting the thing started again. It's been months since the airplane was running, and we've made some modifications to the carburetor, add probes to the engine for engine monitoring through the GI 275, and much more.

As we start it up, me and the Mechanic fine-tune the carburetor idle setting and make sure everything is working properly, as it should.

Then, we test the new radios. The PS Engineering audio panel is just amazing. The audio is so clear through the aircraft intercom, it really blows me away. Even with the best aviation headsets from Bose Aviation, it's still much more clear.

As mentioned the GI275 from Garmin is just second to none. It's amazing to have all these new indications consolidated into this one aircraft instrument.

After that, we calibrated the magnetometer. This unique piece of equipment removes some of the common errors with both compass and direction gyros. It's a modern piece of equipment to give us much better indications.

Then, it's time for me to fly 23U once again! It's been a long time since this Cessna 172 has taken to the skies and go flying. But now it's time. I do all my checklists. And wow, she's still the same airplane, but these instruments are just so awesome! Hard to describe the emotions involved in seeing this new airplane come to life.

Now it's Cubby's turn to go flying. He's been hanging out and looking to go with me on the trip. And it's his birthday! He did a great job and didn't need much direction from me. Cubby is working on his commercial pilot license.

And last but not least, Jessica, our Avionics Technician Extraordinaire. She's been a rockstar and certainly deserves this opportunity. She's working on her instrument rating.

I need to do my IPC or Instrument Proficiency Check with my CFI John. John is an awesome guy, and helped me get my CFI.

But we ran into some problems along the way and found some things we needed fixed. Luckily that didn't take too long to fix. We got some stuff sent overnight.

As everything came to a close, we decided to wanted to taxi the airplane over to the Brown Arch at EAA and get some pictures, and do a big reveal of the instrument panel to others.

So that's a wrap! Next, we'll be flying this thing home to Alaska. Make sure you tune in.


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Watch the entire Alaska to Oshkosh series where we fly our Cessna 172 to get a panel upgrade. See the series here -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwvpzI0SaiE&list=PLFYLnWvJU1anNe-vjHdM4Rlk3QJWLIOIY


See our panel project with NewView Technologies. Learn more about the different components and avionics, and talk to them about your instrument panel project: https://www.NewViewTech.com/AOA

The panel will be fitted with a handful of awesome tools. Here's a list:
-- Garmin GI275 Attitude Indicator
-- Garmin GI275 Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)
-- Garmin GI275 Engine Indication System (EIS)
-- More 6 Pack Instruments
-- PS Engineering PAR200B Audio Panel
-- Garmin GNX375 WAAS GPS Transponder
-- Garmin GNC255 NAV/COMM
-- New Engine Controls from McFarlane
-- Garmin USB Ports
-- Various Design Elements and Switches
-- Last but not least, an iPad mount from Pivot Cases so we can have ForeFlight

0:00 Coming Up
0:40 She's Alive
2:30 New Radios
3:48 Buttoning Up
4:15 Garmin EIS 275
5:38 Engine Checks
6:58 Magnetometer
7:52 The First Flight
14:46 Birthday Flight
20:15 Online Ground School
20:40 Jessica Flight
25:49 Birthday Dinner
26:43 My IPC
32:38 Delays
33:22 The Brown Arch
40:05 My Thoughts
42:52 Throttle On

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