Electronics Tools For Beginners - No.7 - Common Parts

The video series where I teach you about electronics, for newbies and hobbyists.

Electronics For Beginners Video Series:
Electronics Tools For Beginners Video Series:

Resistor Assortment:
Zener Diode Assortment:
TO-92 Transistor Assortment:
TO-126 Transistor Assortment:
Op-Amp IC Assortment:
Positive Voltage Regulator Assortment:
4000 Series IC Assortment:
74 Series IC Assortment:
IC Socket Assortment:
3mm LED Assortment:
5mm LED Assortment:
16x2 LCD Displays:
OLED Displays:
TFT Displays:
Male & Female Headers:
SMD Transistor and Diode Sample Book:
SMD Zener Diode Sample Book:
SMD Resistor Sample Book:
SMD Capacitor Sample Book:
Toggle Switches:
Momentary Switch Assortment:
Perf Board:
DuPont Cables:
Wire Link Assortment:

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