0-30 volts 10A Variable power supply voltage regulator circuit

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In this video i'm showing how to make a
Variable power supply with 1-30 volts @ 10Ampere output using lm317 and mje2955
NPN transistor, As per datasheet lm317 can provide only 1.5A output, where as adding mje2955 10A transistor Bypasses the current using reverse negative voltage coming from lm317 without effecting the output voltage set by potentiometer. Also to keep track of voltage at output, 3 wire volt metre is added that itself gets powered with 5v and for same lm7805 is added in circuit.
This circuit is useful to test anything in range of 1-30 volts within 10A ratings.
Also can be used to charge any battery with different voltages.
(Note: Output current is same as what given at input, 10A max at input)

Parts Required_____

LM317, MJE2955, LM7805,
40R/1-2W, 220R, 10K Resistors,
5K Potentiometer, 1x led
2x 2pin terminal connector,
0.28 inch LED Volt Meter.
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