0025 Wavetek 184 Sweep Generator Repair

Peter repairs a Wavetek 184 5MHz Sweep generator that is completely not working.
He uses an interesting method to find a component that is causing the power supply to fail...
Then the sweep circuit fixes itself ...

00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Dead Machine
01:15 - Open it up
02:15 - A quick look around
03:36 - Must check the power - oh dear!
04:30 - Isolate the dodgy power - drat not as easy as I hoped
06:26 - Destructive fault tracing!!
09:19 - Narrowing down -
11:00 - Got it!
14:08 - Checking it out
23:32 - Another problem found - where is the sweep!
24:14 - Oh hell, it fixed itself!
26:00 - Preventative maintenance
27:30 - Sweeping nicely
28:25 - Gate and Trigger
30:10 - So there we have it!

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Service Manual - https://usermanual.wiki/Document/Wavetek184FunctionGeneratorInstructionManual.3108666368/view

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