10 Classic Guitar Amps Comparison - Marshall, Friedman, Fender, Vox etc

Comparison between 10 classic guitar amps.
1. 1971 Marshall Superbass through 1971 1960A/1982B Fullstack
2. Friedman BE-100 through 1969 1935A/1935B Fullstack
3. 1968 Marshall Bluesbreaker model1961 4x10
4. 1987 Marshall model 5275 Reverb 75
5. Marshall DSL15C
6. 2016 Vox AC15HW1X
7. 1980s Fender Super 60
8. 1970s Peavey 400 Series Bass through 1970s Orange Cab (G12H30 55Hz Blackbacks)
9. 2005 Fender Blues DeVille 4x10
10. 1989 Mesa Boogie Mark III Blue Stipe

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