10 Cool FM3 Guitar FX Presets

A selection of 10 X Guitar FX presets from Fractal Audio Systems' FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor.
[00:00] Recto 1 - Orange Modern.
[00:29] 5153 - Red FX.
[01:01] Das Metal! - Thumpcrusher [MBC].
[01:36] Ma The Meatloaf - Lead FX.
[02:11] Studio Lead FM3 - 2021.
[02:48] Petrucci Rig FM3 - Learning To Lead.
[03:27] Solo 88 - Clean FX.
[03:55] Djentlemanly - Bulb's Judgement.
[04:31] Plexpressor - Choral.
[05:09] Tumbleweeds - Plex Panner.

More to come on the FM3 in later videos! :)

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