1000ft of ANALOG HD video over a single cable?!

That's right: a decade ago, quietly, when none of us were looking, analog video stepped up its game, and now you can run HD video over incredibly long cables - but you'd never guess what it's used for.

00:00 The Intro
01:41 The Long-Distance Video Problem
06:30 The Issues for Surveillance Systems
09:35 The Existing HD Analog Formats
10:30 The IP Cameras
11:55 The State of the Art
13:49 The New HD Analog Formats
17:37 The Analog HD Camera & Format Demo
18:37 The Resolution Subject
21:50 The 960H Trick
23:54 The Underlying Technology
25:55 The Comparison
29:12 The Other Applications
31:00 The Conclusion
33:04 The Outro

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