Powertron India Private Limited is focusing on Power Conversion Solutions with nearly 15 years of history. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 15858:2016 certified and & Products are CE & BIS certified which give prime importance to delivering the highest quality product on time with responsive after-sales service.

We use state of the art SMPS technology with high power density for our over 300 products ranging from Switch Mode Power Supply, Battery Chargers, DC Power Supply, UV Disinfection/Sanitizer, DC to DC Converter, Electric Vehicle Battery Charger, Electroplating Rectifier, Multi Output Power Supply and many more.

In POWER CONVERSION Product range we Provide complet Customize solution for all types of DC System & Battery charger.

In UV Disinfection/Sanitizer we have 20Ltr / 40Ltr / 55Ltr / 500Ltr & many more customized Unit, Also we have introduce UV robot for Complete room sanitization which is totally chemical free process.

Our products are mainly used in Medical Equipments, Marines, Defence, Railway, Metro, Monorail, Material Handling Equipments, Telecommunication, Educational institute, Automation Systems, Testing Equipments, Security Systems, Solar / Wind, Plating Industries, E Vehicle & Lab & Scientific instruments etc.

Our R&D team continuously innovates to deliver products with smarter features using our holistic design process, we also provide Customized solution.
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