10x VCA BUS COMPS! SSL, Nekotronics, Stam Audio, Wes Audio, Warm Audio, Tierra Audio, Vertigo & more

10 VCA style compressors and 3 tracks, let the games begin.

Nekotronics BussCat // Stam Audio 4k-5 // Tierra Audio Gravity // SSL Bus+ // Wes Audio Dione // Vertigo VSC-2 // Warm Audio Bus-Comp // Tegeler Audio Creme // TFPRO P8 // Shadow Audio SB4000

Link to files : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eemmtm6cbyrzxp3/AAA21YNxd5IlW_MCBorP2QOZa?dl=0

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Link for all files

0:00 Start
1:49 Song #1
4:19 Song #2
7:21 Song #3
11:14 Closing thoughts and my top 3
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