112622 Hifi tube amplifier DIY from kit.

This is a hifi tube amplifier that I built from kit years ago. I got the kit from TubeDepot here in the USA. I believe they are located in Tennessee. It's power tubes are 10GV8 which are really hard to find right now. I plan to build another soon with different tubes and an enclosure that I plan to design and build utilizing my 3D printer. I am posting this video primarily for my friend Elecifun (check out his channel). This amp is about 8 watts per channel into 8ohm speakers. I run my iPod through and it gives great sound and is plenty loud for my little garage workshop. I plan to post my next build in a series on this channel. The song you hear is one of my original tunes that I wrote and recorded and performed here in my studio. I know that sound quality does not translate well when recorded through the phone and posted but I wanted to play something through the amp so you could at least get an idea of the project.
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