13 Reasons why Amp Sims DESTROY Real Amps!

Did you spend 3 grand on a new guitar amp? WOW, WAS THAT EVER DUMB! Amps are dead! Hail the amp sim! Need help getting the most out of your amp sim tones? Check out Guitar Tone Mastery: https://www.spectredigital.com/product/guitar-tone-mastery/?ref=3
or get a FREE Zilla Impulse Response from Spectre Digital: https://spectredigital.activehosted.com/f/1

0:00 Hit Records With Amp Sims?
0:54 They're Far Cheaper
2:20 Easier & More Convenient
3:17 No Dealing With Room Acoustics
4:25 Custom Impulses
6:08 Accessibility
7:04 Reliability
7:46 Portability
9:33 No Pissed Off Neighbours
10:34 Hardware Amp Modellers
11:12 They Can Sound Identitcal To Real Amps
12:02 Advancement In Processing Power
12:53 Insurance
13:37 The Listener Does Not Give A Flying Fuck
15:33 Outro & Outtakes

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