If you're looking for a new stereo amplifier for your home hi-fi, we've got you covered. Our carefully selected list of the best stereo amps available in the States will help you find the perfect match for your system. Whether you're building a new system from scratch or just want to upgrade, we hope our list helps you find the right amp.

When it comes to picking the right amplifier for your home theater setup, there are a lot of options. To be honest, different amps suit different needs. For this page, we've focused on integrated stereo amps . In basic terms, that means they're two-in-one devices. That is, they power your speakers and control the volume.

But nowadays, you won't find as many amps with analog connections as you will digital. This makes it easy for you to stream high-quality music from your computer or smart phone to your stereo. It can be done wirelessly, through Bluetooth, wi-fi or optical networking.

These days, convenience is king. However, owning a high-quality stereo amplifier can increase your sound quality. We at Sound Guys have thoroughly tested all of the integrated amps on this page to give you the best sound possible.
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