1941 Oahu (Valco/National) 397K "Suitcase" Guitar Amplifier Demo

Up for grabs is this restored Oahu model 397K "Suitacse" Guitar Amp from 1941. Demo guitar is a 1974 Fender Stratocaster all stock except for a 5 position pickup switch

This is a vintage 1940s Oahu 397k "Suitcase" amp. Built and sold by Valco/National, these amps were originally intended to be paired with lap steel guitars from the same family. It wasn't long before players realized how great these things sounded for other styles. It sounds full-bodied and syrupy, with surprisingly high headroom that attracts jazz players and pedal-junkies alike.

It has a really cool-looking tube complement: a 6N7, 6C5, 6V6, and a 5Y3 rectifier. It pushes somewhere between 5-8 Watts through its original 8" Rola field coil speaker. It has been professionally restored in January 2022. It was recapped with out-of-spec resistors replaced along with a new old stock 6N7 tube and its power cord upgraded to a 3-prong grounded cable. All transformers are original!

It's in good condition cosmetically with a couple cigarette burns to add character, scuffs here and there and some leather missing from its handle. It is in fantastic sonic condition - it sounds really, really good!
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