1950's Tandberg TB2 reel to reel tape machine as guitar tube amp. Great tone for studio recordings.

These vintage reel to reel tape machines incorporates a 5 watt amp with high quality preamp tubes that sounds quite awesome. From the internal speaker you get a tone with early breakup. Connecting it to an external speaker it can get a higher headroom and play louder. I would even consider bringing it to a live gig.

The soundtrack is my version of Neil Young's Coupe DeVille.

This particular Tandberg model is a TB2 (1954 -1961)
Tubes: ECC83, EF804, EL84, EM71
External speaker cabinet with a George Alessandro Signature Eminence GA10 SC64 10" speaker.

Guitars used:
Partscaster Black Strat with Evil Sheep '63 pickups
Partscaster Sunburst Strat with Radioshop Chris Buck pickups
2013 Gibson ES-335 1963 VOS RI w/ MHS humbuckers
2001 GIBSON ES-335 DOT FLAMETOP CHERRY RED, stock pickups, probably Classic '57's
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