1961 Magnatone Custom 410 Restomod

The owner wanted this vintage single ended 6V6 amp to sound as good as possible. The amp had an Oxford 12 inch speaker and a three inch tweeter mounted on a 3/4 inch thick baffleboard. The amp sounded very weak and tinny with very little bottom end. The owner mentioned that the Vibrato sounded terrible as well. A previous tech had replaced the stock 12DW7 Vibrato/phase inverter tube with a 12AX7. Same pinout, wrong amplification factor in the second triode. This caused the Vibrato to be very choppy and shallow sounding. Long story short, after checking with the owner, I replaced the speaker with a new Jensen C12N, built a new 1/2 inch Baltic Birch baffle board for it, installed a new 12DW7 tube and then replaced the leaky filter cap can with three new under chassis electrolytic caps. I replaced a few out of spec resistors and then recapped most of the amp, sometimes with different value new caps to voice the amp to sound its best. I also built a new back panel for the amp to replace the original, missing one. Now the amp sounds great, (in my opinion, anyway!).
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