1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Slash Tone

1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard 3 Piece Top
Loaded with 1986 Seymour Duncan APH1 Pickups
Plugged into Marshall 2525 Jubilee and 4X12 V30's Cab

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Gear Used:
1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard 3 Piece Top
2010 Gibson R8
Charvel San Dimas
Fender Strotocaster
Gibson J15 Acoustic
Vintage V6 Strat
Marshall SL2555 JCM Slash
Marshall 1960BV Vintage 30
Marshall Jubilee
Boss Pedals
Dunlop Pedals
MXR Pedals
TC Electronic Pedals
Cioks Power Supply
THD Hotplate Attenuator
Mogami Cables
Ernie Ball 0.11 Strings
Dunlop 1.14 Picks
Furman Power Conditioner
Yamaha HS80 Monitors
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