1994 MTX Black Gold BGA 2125 Amplifier Review and Amp Dyno Test [4K]

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1994 MTX Black Gold BGA2125 amplifier
Rated to deliver:
125x2 at 4 ohms
250x2 at 2 ohms
500x1 bridged at 4 ohms
Original MSRP $649
Years of production 1994-5

MTX Terminator Videos:
MTX MTA 250 Overview - https://youtu.be/7v2GMZ_SJ4M
MTX MTA 250 Test - https://youtu.be/t8E2cOqkP8I
MTX MTA 225 vs Orion 225 HCCA - https://youtu.be/FZH2j0f2sWc


Video Index:
0:00 Intro - History
0:39 Black Gold
1:40 Unboxing
2:05 Features and Specs
4:06 Amp Dyno Tests
7:39 What's Inside?
9:11 Bass Demo
9:52 Full Range Demo
10:52 Final Thoughts
11:24 EXTRAS

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