2 Boost Circuits in 1 Pedal (JHS Pedals Solo Boost)

This week, we’re dropping a brand new, limited release pedal, and it may have the craziest backstory of any pedal in the JHS lineup– a lineup, to remind you, that includes unicorns, penguins, panthers, rats, bears and cheeseballs. Here's a hint: it's four years old, but also brand new. It's the Solo Boost.

UPDATE: Solo Boosts are SOLD OUT

JHS Fresh Clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTN1OwPMtjgH3hQAxvF-l2Q

0:00 Intro
0:50 Flashback to 2018
2:34 What the Solo Boost does
5:11 "Road Trip to Party Town"
5:51 Slamming the Solo Boost into an overdrive
7:11 "Local Rock Band"
7:57 Boosting into a fuzz
10:11 "Shoegaze Into the Future with the Solo Boost"
11:15 Distorting a small amp with a boost
11:53 "Distort Your Way Into the Future with the Solo Boost"
12:55 Final thoughts & where to buy
14:07 Belle's final thoughts
14:45 Belle's promo
15:22 Record Time
16:21 Thanks for watching!

Record Time:
Colter Wall - Western Swing & Waltzes and other Punchy Songs

Josh’s record player is by U-Turn Audio:

The jams from this episode are on BandLab! Head over to the link below to jam with us, download the stems, and create your own samples from our sounds... or all of those things.


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