2014 Mesa Boogie King Snake Head conversion with Strat and Les Paul Part 2

This is my 2014 Mesa Boogie King Snake which has been taken out of its fetching faux snakeskin combo cabinet and installed into a Zilla Cabs made custom head and partnered with a Fatbaby 1x12" cabinet with an EVM 12L Classic.

Zilla cabs made me a lovely head and cab for this great amp which suffered from a very small cabinet which didn't allow much air to be formed inside, leading to a very 'beamy' sound. Like a laser except really really loud.

I preserved the original combo cab along with the reverb tank, speaker and hand signed plaque by Carlos Santana and Randall Smith and transplanted just the chassis into a new head with a new reverb tank and cable.

This is a demo of the result, using firstly a Gibson les Paul and then a Fender Stratocaster and on the 10 Watt mode only into a Tone King Ironman II mini. I don't show all the settings as it is a really versatile amp and there are so many ways to get to all sorts of places with this, using the stacked gains and the midrange boost function. It would take too long and it's probably long and boring enough as it is.
It has a 60 Watt and 100 Watt mode and those are really different with more bass focus and less of an old school single ended amp feel as the 10 Watt mode has.

You can check out the build on my website page about it for more:


I'm using a Rode NT1-A and an SM57 on the cab and a Presonus Studio 68C interface and no post processing in Studio One.
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