2018+ Honda Odyssey MOD HACK: Adding the 3rd row ELITE speakers to your non-Elite Odyssey

Can't hear the Rear Entertainment System or radio from the back seat of your non-Elite trim 2018+ Honda Odyssey? This video will show you how to add the *stock* 3rd row speakers that only come on the Elite model for less than $200.

You can purchase the Elite rear pillar pieces which have the speaker grills on them and will look perfectly stock in your vehicle. To power the speakers you will tap into the existing speaker wires that power the sliding door speakers so no need for extra amps or electronics.

Below are the part numbers you need to purchase. I suggest using estore.honda.com to avoid shipping costs and pick them up at your local dealer. The OEM stock speakers are very slim and fit perfectly, but you could use different speakers if you choose. You will also need 18 or 20 gauge speaker wire and 4 screws to mount the speakers into the new garnish (Screw, Tapping (4x12) Part Number: 93913-24220 or go to hardware store)

Right Rear Pillar Elite Garnish $52
(beige) 84149-THR-A21ZA or
(gray) 84149-THR-A21ZB

Left Rear Pillar Elite Garnish $52
(beige) 84199-THR-A21ZA or
(gray) 84199-THR-A21ZB

Honda 8cm Speaker 39120-TK8-A01 $43 (need 2)

0:00 Intro
0:25 Tailgate Trim Removal
2:45 Sliding door floor trim removal
3:15 Side panel removal
6:09 Seat belt removal
6:55 Real pillar removal
10:05 Wiring harness splicing
18:13 Speaker mounting
19:49 Finished
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