2022+ Toyota Tundra Subwoofer Box Dual 10 Inch - How to install and wire them for the proper "ohms"

In this video Kayleigh will show you wire up your subwoofers for the proper resistance, install the terminal cup and how to test the subwoofer for proper “ohms”.
NOTE: This subwoofer wiring is setup for a 1 ohm load from 2 Dual 4 Ohm Suboowers – in a Parallel / Parallel design. Be sure your amp is setup to handle a 1 ohm load. This setup is used in our System 1B with our TXD10001 subwoofer amplifier. DO NOT use this setup with our TXD10005 5 Channel Amplifier.

2022+ Toyota Tundra Head unit / stereo. Our plug and play system integrates directly with your stock wiring and allows you to keep your stock stereo. You don’t need to cut or splice any of your factory wires. The laser cut amp rack utilizes stock mounting locations – so you don’t have to drill any holes into the floorboard of your Toyota Tundra.

The NTUNE6 along with our Tundra integration system will provide the signal you need to provide your aftermarket amplifiers. Installation is quick an easy with our color coded system / plug and play system.

Click here to see the entire installation video playlist - She will show you how quickly and easily anyone can upgrade their audio system in their Toyota tundra

This video is part of the how to install audio systems designed for your 2022+ Toyota Tundra. We will take you through the entire process of installing a High-End Audio System. You will learn how to install True Component Speakers, Subwoofers, along with our Tundra Direct Integration System (keep your stock stereo and get unmatched sound quality).
There is no need to settle for “drop in” replacement speakers or low-end coaxial speakers. Kayleigh will show you how to install your audio system. BETTER than any local audio shop!
Be sure to check out our thousands of pictures and videos on our facebook.com page & our website. You will see we install our audio systems in Brand New Toyota Tundras BEFORE they hit the dealer lot. IN many cases our audio systems are rolled into customer financing.

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 - Intro
0:15 – How to install polyfil into your subwoofer box for your 2022+ Toyota Tundra
0:45 – How to assemble, wire and install terminal cup.
1:41 – Opening 10 inch subwoofer box and contents.
2:05 – Install subwoofer foam gaskets.
2:26 – How to wire your subwoofers for proper ohms / resistance.
6:15 – Install subwoofers into your 2022 Toyota Tundra Subwoofer box.
7:45 – How to test your subs for proper resistance.
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