23 Elizabeth Antoine, Day 3, DataEngBytes 2021

Albero - Decision Tree “when to use what – the full Azure data estate

Elizabeth Antoine
In 2016, Elizabeth joined Microsoft as a Solution Architect and lead data scientist and has developed a series of innovative and transformational Data Analytics wins at Microsoft. She is now working as a Global Black Belt for the Asia region and focusing on modernizing data environments to help customers maximize value out of their data estates.

Eleni Santorinaiou
You will find me helping customers leverage cloud for their data estate, doing deep dive workshops to build their data architecture and explaining the databases internals. My background is in Electrical and Computer Engineering and prior to my role at Microsoft, I worked at HPE as EMEA Technical Consultant for hybrid cloud infrastructure. My aspiration is to eliminate biases when designing an architecture and use an open framework that takes into account functional requirements.

Andrei Zaichikov
More than 15 years of experience in IT allowed me to come across with a large number of totally different technologies. I worked with almost all popular technology stacks from IBM z/OS-based to the distributed systems based on emerging Big Data technologies. I was in charge of creation Enterprise Warehouses, major integration systems for large enterprises, complex systems of client-oriented interactions, systems of automation of low-structured complex business processes, BI systems of high complexity as well as solutions based on cloud services.

This year a lot of attention is focused on data and data services. Microsoft is doing their absolute best to help our customers benefit from the wide portfolio of Azure Data Services. But what if this amount of services is a bit too many for many of us not to mention our customers? We have more than 20 main data services plus SKUs. Navigation across such a wide range of technologies and answering simple question: “When to choose what data technology?” suddenly became quite a complex task even for experts. Andrei, Elizabeth and Eleni joined hands in creating universal and easy to consume bird-eye view of the entire Azure data services. This decision tree helps customers/partners to define and shape their thought process around selection of the certain data technologies and using them together in building data solutions.
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