{254} 300 Watt Half Bridge SMPS Using TL494, Circuit Explained, Troubleshooting & Circuit Diagram

300 Watt Half Bridge SMPS Using TL494, Circuit Explained & Troubleshooting & Circuit Diagram. i explained in Urdu Hindi Language.
Download 300W TL494 based Half Bridge SMPS circuit diagram https://bit.ly/3y9RJ4g
in this tutorial i explained the functional description of this industrial power supply it provides nominal 12 volt and 25 Ampere. the output voltage can be adjusted from 10.5 to 15 volt. its switching frequency is 48KHz and the push pull output is 24 KHz. it have 13009K transistor to switch the high frequency power transformer's primary winding. i demonstrated How To Repair SMPS Switch Mode Power Supply and explained Step by Step Practical Troubleshooting. also explained easiest circuit working with logical troubleshooting and fault finding techniques to find the faults in any switching mode power supply. it uses fix frequency and the output voltage are regulated using pulse width modulation technique.

Download 300W TL494 based Half Bridge SMPS circuit diagram https://bit.ly/3OHSQhw

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its voltage mode error amplifier is biased at 2.5 volt using reference voltage and the pin number 1 is connected to the output point. which is used to regulate the voltage using PWM technique. current mode error amplifier is connected to the current sense shunt resistance, which provides the dropped voltage across the shunt resistance and it limits the switching to protect the converter from overcurrent conditions.

i discussed different faults in smps like, smps input short circuit, fuse keeps blowing, smps startup, smps switching frequency testing, rcd snubber circuit, secondary side, feedback circuit, after watching this video you can capable to:-
1 basic working concept of smps switch mode power supply
2. how PWM pulse width modulator work
3. block diagram of smps switch mode power supply
4. practical circuit tracing of smps
5 how to repair mobile charger
6 how to repair power supply of digital satellite receiver
7. how to repair led lcd tv power supplies
8. different faults in stages of smps
9. what is filter and protection circuit in SMPS
10 what is bridge rectifier circuit and how bridge rectifier circuit work
11 what is PWM pulse width modulator circuit and how to check it
12 function of FET, MOSFET, BJT, IGBT or switching modules
13 what is optocoupler or opto-isolator and what is its function in feedback circuit
14 what is voltage regulation and how it works in SMPS
15 how to find problem if switch mode power supply have no output
16 what is problem when power supply have fluctuation and output is not regulated
17 current sense in smps
18 short circuit protection
19 how to test troubleshoot and repair smps switch mode power supply and easy test points in fault finding
and much more
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fuse keeps blowing
how to repair switch mode power supply when short circuit at input, fuse keeps blowing.
if SMPS is dead or no output. smps ic have no switching frequency,
if SMPS have fluctuating output or output voltage unregulated
if smps have short circuit in output
how to troubleshoot PWM SMPS controller when there is no switching from MOSFET
if SMPS have a whistle sound or excessive noise or excessive heat
how to repair mobile charger
how to repair computer power supply
how to repair laptop charger
how to repair inverter of solar system
how to repair UPS uninterruptible power supply

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SMPS practical tutorial https://youtu.be/7je0v8AiBB4

SMPS tutorial and practical troubleshooting and fault finding https://youtu.be/E_dQcKAqm38

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