30 YEARS in the Making - CAD E100SX Review and Comparisons with 19 mics! | Booth Junkie

Thanks to CAD Audio for sharing this mic with us!
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Or visit the CAD Audio page: https://geni.us/CADe100SX

All the comparison mics (available new): (Affiliate Links)
- CAD e300 s - https://geni.us/2K0jT
- CAD e50 - https://geni.us/vavDz33
- CAD m179 - https://geni.us/EJcRg
- Neat King Bee II - https://geni.us/JmxCq
- Audio Technica AT 2020 - https://geni.us/mX3acMW
- Lewitt LCT 440 Plure - https://geni.us/bj-440
- Lewitt LCT 540 Subzero - https://geni.us/lct540
- Rode NT1 - https://geni.us/r-nt1a
- Stellar X2 - https://geni.us/SOY9Bf
- Stellar X2 Vintage - https://geni.us/OALQU
- Stellar X3 - https://geni.us/u3BT3
- Austrian Audio OC18 - https://geni.us/bj-oc18-sw
- Neumann TLM 103 - https://geni.us/UQuOfog
- Neumann U87Ai - https://geni.us/h64t5qA
- Lewitt LCT 1040 - https://geni.us/6NpLVv

All recorded through this interface: https://geni.us/5w8L

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============ Table of contents =================
00:00 A History of the E 100 line
03:47 Mikes e100 review
06:26 Cad e1002 line
08:01 Mikes e1002 review
14:10 "Mikes" e100s Review
12:23 Specifications
16:54 VS Original CAD e100
19:04 VS CAD 100 (2)
20:31 VS CAD e100s
23:11 VS CAD e350
25:45 CAD e300S
29:09 VS CAD e50
31:20 VS CAD m179
34:30 VS Neat King Bee II
36:08 VS Audio Technica AT 2020
37:13 VS Lewitt LCT 440 Pure
39:09 vs Lewitt LCT 540 Subzero
41:04 VS RODE NT1
42:38 VS Tech Zone Audio Stellar X2
44:15 VS Teach Zone Audio Sellar X2 Vintage
46:01 VS Tech Zone Audio Stellar X3
47:24 VS Austrian Audio OC18
49:49 VS Neumann TLM 103
52:13 VS Neumann U87 Ai
55:07 VS Lewitt LCT 1040

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