300B SE Stereo Tube Singled Ended Amplifier 5U4 6SN7

100% hand built in USA. 300B stereo, singled-ended all tube power amplifier using 300B, 6SN7 and 5U4 tubes. This amplifier layout has been carefully designed using a combination of Vintage, and high quality components. These high quality components are brand new and consist of Hammond filter choke, Hammond supply transformers, Edcor output transformers, Illinois electrolytic capacitors, Coupling capacitors are KZK Orange Aluminium Foil PP Film Audio Capacitors, High quality Ohmite conformal silicone-ceramic coated resistors, carbon resistors, gold-plated RCA jacks, speaker jacks, top grade ceramic tube sockets, IEC connector and power switch. Illinois electrolytic capacitors are used in the cathode section and Illinois electrolytic capacitors are used in the power supply section. In the input stage. All components are perfectly matched left to right for proper channel balance. This amplifier is all handwired, with point to point circuitry, using less wire, which allows this amp to run continuously, with extreme quiet operation. This amplifier has built in volume control and can be used with or without a preamp. You can connect any fixed or variable source output directly to this amplifier. You can use the audio out from an iPod, CD, DVD, MP3, Computer, TV, XM or SIRUS to the input connection of this amp. Amplifier was designed utilizing five tubes, 2- 6SN7 (Input), 2- 300B (Output) and 1-5U4 (Rectifier). This amplifier features one pair of inputs (back), volume control, power switch, power indicator, right/left speaker terminals (8 Ohms) and circuit protection. You will be amazed at the bass sound of such a small amplifier. Amp works great into any 4 and 8 ohms speakers.
Input connector - Single pair of inputs.
Built in volume control and can be used with or without a preamp.
Tubes: 2-300B, 2-6SN7 and 1-5U4
One pair of inputs (back)
Input Impedance: 100K ohms
Load Impedance: 8 Ohms
Circuit Type: Single-Ended Class A
All tube signal path, no feedback.
Power Output: 8 x 2 Watts
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