{310} How to Protect Circuits From Reversed Voltage Polarity / DC Reverse Polarity Protection Urdu

How to protect circuits from reversed voltage polarity / DC Reverse Polarity Protection Part-3. i explained in urdu hindi language #reverse #polarity #protection i explained that how does a reverse polarity protection circuit works and how to design a reverse polarity protection using a SPDT relay
Part 1 of this video https://youtu.be/SWHdeuXPyjM
Part 2 of this video https://youtu.be/n_jQ2I5aChI
+ve voltage are applied to the Common pin of the relay and the output will taken from the Noramlly Open (NO) points so that it is conditioned that the relay must be ON for providing the voltage in the output
if a reverse polarity voltage enter in dc circuit, the relay winding is energized with a forward biased diode , which ensures that the relay will energize in only one condition when the voltage polarity is connected in good condition. because the diode comes in series with the relay coil
when the polarity is reversed the series diode will not allow the current to flow in winding. in this situation the NO point will remain disconnected

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