3rd Gen Camry Sound System Upgrade

I upgrade the sound system in my 1993 Camry wagon using Morel, Alpine, Infinity, JL Audio, and JBL parts. The stock speakers were due for replacement and the difference in sound quality is immense.

Watch as I show how to replace all the speakers, route the power wire through the firewall and install two amps, and highlight some of the issues I encountered along the way.

- Parts List -
Front Doors: 6.5" Morel Maximo 6 component set
D Pillars: 1" Alpine Type R tweeters
Tailgate: 6x9" Infinity Kappa 3 way speakers
Subwoofer: 10" Boston Acoustics G5
Speaker Amp: JL Audio MX280/4 four channel amp
Subwoofer Amp: JBL MS-A5001 mono amp
Wiring Kit: Crutchfield 4 gauge dual amplifier wiring kit

0:00 Intro
0:23 Rear tailgate speakers
8:21 Amp install
16:00 Rear tweeters
18:40 Front door speakers

I recommend this as a good DIY project if you have some basic wrenching and electrical skills. All DIY repairs or modifications you perform to your car are made at your own risk. I assume no liability for anything you choose to do to your car, before, or after watching one of my videos.
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