4.1 (2.2.1) Amplifier, Toshiba 5200+1943 transistor Used Amplifier

This Amplifier u can used for company, zim, petrolbunk, long length size rooms also best output for this type

sakthi transistor board used this amplifier all are original Toshiba 5200+1943

transformer for 24v 10amp for power amplifier boards


24v 10amp for power amplifier
12v 2amp for usb board and speaker protection
12v 1.5 amp for power led and fan

sakthi 4transistor board for
mono 4 transistor - sub
stereo 4transistor 2 boards for left 2 channel, right 2 channel

u can run 6 to 10inch speaker
sub also 8 to 12inch based on ur speaker branded

speaker protection for 1v above auto protected for ur speakers

best quality audio boards and equipment used for this amplifier

any one want contact only on whatsapp further details - 9842228784
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