{456} Car Audio Power Amplifier Not Powering On

in this video number {456} almani AL1000-4 Car Audio Power Amplifier Not Powering On, Car subwoofer Amplifier Not Powering On, it is TL494 / KA7500 based push pull topology based car audio subwoofer amplifier. it is 1000 watt 4 channel AL1000-4 almani brand amplifier. it was not working. when 12 volt are applied to main dc terminal and remote signal was applied to REM pin, it was not touring on. no LED was turning on, while troubleshooting i checked 2SC945 transistor was open circuit. i replaced it with 2SC1815 (as 2SC945 was not available and 2SC1815 works in place of 2SC945)

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00:00 car subwoofer power amplifier not turning on. not working
00:30 car power amplifier power supply wiring
01:01 car power amplifier troubleshooting
01:45 TL494 / KA7500 PWM IC test points
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