5 Things to Know About FM Transmitter Sites with Hal Kneller - TWiRT Ep. 621

Some technical advice is timeless. Other tech advice changes with the times. Such is the case with FM transmitter sites. Now more than ever we broadcast engineers need to apply the right safeguards and approaches at today’s FM transmitter sites. Situated under tall lightning “attractors” - otherwise known as “towers” - FM transmitter sites need a mix of time-tested design care and contemporary precautions. Hal Kneller is a 40+ year veteran of transmitter sites, and his Florida home provides plenty of experience with lightning protection, whether the equipment is old or new.

Show notes:

Xenirad Broadcast Engineering - web page with ¼ wave shorting stub demo video

Hal mentioned the CyberPower ATS PDU 44004

Kirk Mentioned the Henry Engineering Failsafe UPS Power Switcher

Nautel white paper on Lightning Protection for Radio Transmitter Stations
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