5 Ways To Make Your Amp Sim Sound & Feel Like A Real Tube Amp

Whether you have a Universal Audio Dream 65, a Strymon Iridium, a Walrus ACS1, or a Line6 Helix, you're probably not quite capturing the magic of a real tube amp. So in this video, I want to share five ways that you can make your amp simulator pedal sound and feel a lot more like the real thing.

If you've found another way to improve the guitar tone you get from a pedal or software, please share it in the comments!

Strings I use: https://stringjoy.com/

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0:00 - Who will these tips work for?
0:58 - 1 - Using the right kind of compression
3:13 - Does it work with humbuckers?
4:30 - 2 - Proper overdrive selection
7:21 - Why I never turn my overdrive off
8:30 - 3 - About impulse responses
10:13 - An example of how they impact your tone
10:45 - 4 - Pre and Post EQ
11:44 - Accessing & sculpting new frequencies
12:40 - Post amp sim EQ
13:00 - 5 - Creating a realistic space with ambience
15:13 - Did I miss something? Let me know!
-- Gear I used in this video --
Pedals: Origin Effects Cali76 Deluxe Compressor, Analogman King of Tone Overdrive, J. Rockett Rockaway Archer Overdrive & EQ, Universal Audio Starlight Delay, Universal Audio Golden Reverb, Universal Audio Dream '65 Reverb Amp
Music Credits:
Smoothie by Popoi | https://soundcloud.com/popoimusic
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