5 ways to make your guitar better

5 ways to make your guitar better. Get a setup - that makes your guitar more playable. Great hardware upgrades include toners, bridge saddles and pickups.

Great guitar upgrades which can really make a difference: setup, hardware and electronics. even a new neck!

Your guitr has to be something you want to pick up and want to play. It needs to be incredible and needs to inspire you. So to achieve that there's a few areas to look at:

Have your guitar setup by an expert or learn to do it yourself. You need the intonation to be correct so that it's in tune as you go up the neck. Also you don't want the action to be so high that it's difficult to play or so low that it buzzes.

If your guitar neck is sticky, that can be solved very quickly with some fine grit sand paper. If the rets are the issue, your guitar may need a fret job. If it's just the edges of the frets which are sharp then you could get a fret end file and dress the frets.

This may sound a little extreme but you could always try a different guitar neck. Roasted maple necks feel very nice so they are always worth looking into.

If your tuners jump or get stuck then replace them. You need to be able to fine tune yoru instrument without if giving you grief.

Cheap guitars have cheap pickups. They can sound awful but don't always. If they do sound bad then consider changing them for more expensive ones.

Brass saddles should be on every guitar. And you don't need to have brass saddles which look like brass as they don't look that great. You can get chrome or black coloured brass saddles - that's what I do.

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