5000 Budget Deepavali 5.1 amplifier Delivery Ready

5.1 amplifier Hi quality samcon cabinet,
24V/0/24V 5amp hd UD transformer,
6 amp diode 3Nix 4 nos,
IN5399 diode 2 nos,
10000mfd25v keltron 1 nos,
5000mfd50v 2 capacitor keltron,
DC to DC convertor 1 nos,
2 transistor based maharaja power amp board subwoofer use,
MS audios TDA2050 ic power amp board 5 ch use,
vasanth prologic PRIME BOOM 6 ch convert board,
I play mp,usb,fm, Bluetooth player
aux input 2
5.1 input,

amplifier Price Rs 5000
500 delivery tamilnadu

amplifier assembled,
MANO audios,
whatsapp no,95971-26597
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