5.1 amplifier New type Lorry vehicle// JBL1500W Support

24VDC input power supply Lorry,
Bus vehicle 5.1 amplifier,
MAXWIN 24 VDC +30V-0- 30V,10 amp HD output convertor board,
MS audios Original TDA2050A 5ch
power amplifier board,
maharaja 4tr mono sri module power amp board,
MAXWIN 40VDC to 5VDC BUG convertor board,
dc to dc convertor,
cooler fan,
vasanth 5.1 prime prologic board,
mano audios buffer board,
usb,fm,mp3 Bluetooth player,
front new type agarilic class panel
MINI MATRIX cabinet,
class voloume control knops
MAXWIN vu meter dancing light

this amplifiers manufacturer,
MANO audios,
95971-26597 whatsapp only
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