5.1 Music Upmixing Comparison: Dolby vs Auro vs DTS

This is a continuing series comparing the Dolby Atmos Upmixer (DSU) to the Auromatic (Auro 3D) and the DTS Neural:X. In our last video we compared the 3 upmixers for 2CH music. In this video, we run a similar comparison for DTS HD 5.1 Music from @Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase.

Learn more about the Upmixing/Crossmixing history with Dolby here: https://bit.ly/3ymQ0Xi

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Audioholics on Dolby Enabled Speakers
1:35 Audioholics Fights for Upmixing and Crossmixing
2:55 Steven Wilson Introduction
3:35 AH SmartHome Equipment
4:15 Speaker Configuration
5:55 About Wide Channels
6:43 Upmixing Comparison Setup
7:15 Upmixer Configurations
7:55 Dolby Center Spread
9:22 Auromatic Settings
10:05 Upmixing Comparison Tests for Height Channels
14:00 Wide Channel Tests
16:15 Listening Comparison Summary
18:50 All Speakers Comparison Tests
22:25 Listening Comparison Results

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