{572} MOSFET Tester / How To Test Mosfet Without Multimeter / MOSFET Test Circuit

MOSFET Tester / How To Test Mosfet Without Multimeter / MOSFET test Circuit. in this test circuit i installed a 47uf 50V capacitor at mosfet gate, the capacitor receives the supply voltage from the push button, when this capacitor is charged and the push switch is released, then it enables and gate of the mosfet and mosfet allows current flow from its channel from source to gate, 4
meanwhile the capacitor is discharged from a 10K resistor which is connected in parallel of the capacitor.
an LED is connected at mosfet drain using a 1K ohm series resistor
mosfet source is connected to the ground terminal. i used to check n channel mosfet.
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