6 Best Mini Amps Of 2021 That Don't Suck! - Awesome, Portable Amps You Can Use ANYWHERE!

In this video Dagan shows us 5 of his favourite mini amplifiers of 2021! All this lil' guys sound fantastic, offer immense tone and are perfect for the guitarists in need of a highly portable amplifier they can use anywhere!

Everything from tiny versions of HUGE 100 watt stacks & plug in and play bugs, all the way to the most high tech wireless mini amps and headphones amps the world has ever seen!

They also make great gifts for guitarists and gifts for musicians as they are extremely useful and don't cost too much at all! best of all, the guitarist in your life will ACTUALLY want to use them - they sound that good!

Check out our first 'Best Mini Amps' video at PMTVUK here - https://youtu.be/3G3CDyA48-o

Rock all these Mini Amps at PMT Online here:
Marshall MS-4 Mini Stack - https://bit.ly/3pCIuUr
Fender Mini Tone Master - https://bit.ly/3lGLbDf
Blackstar Fly 3 Neon Pink - https://bit.ly/3y3mhCF
Boss Katana Air Wireless Amp - https://bit.ly/3pxMqG2
Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp- https://bit.ly/31Bgpov
Boss Waza Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System - https://bit.ly/3DvS0xx

00:00 Intro & What's Coming Up!
02:21 Marshall MS4
06:11 Fender Mini Tone Master
10:12 Blackstar Fly 3
14:19 Boss Katana Air
21:55 Fender Mustang Micro
27:58 Boss Waza Air
30:53 Final Thoughts

Grab the rest of the rig Dagan uses in this video at PMT Online here:
Kramer Charlie Parra Signature Vanguard - https://bit.ly/3y94jyH
Lewitt MTP-440 Mic - https://bit.ly/3rIffCn
Tourtech Cables - https://bit.ly/3InXgXP
Rode Lav Go Mic - https://bit.ly/3EBLF4Y

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