6 Luxury Upgrades for Your Home Theater

The fact is, your home theater should be more than just a sofa and a big screen. Consider these luxury design upgrades as you reimagine your home theater and let the binge watching begin.

1. Soundproof the Room: Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of a home theater. While watching, everyone in the room should hear a balanced sound.

2. Adjust the Lighting: Watching a movie with the lights off can significantly affect the movie-watching experience.

3. Hide the AV Equipment: These components can be installed in-wall and in-ceiling, or even behind the screen.

4. Have a Centralized Device: Eliminate the chaos of multiple remotes by centralizing the controls. You can either use a universal remote or your smartphone.

5. Equip the Room With Refreshments: Forget about unnecessary trips to the kitchen by installing a refreshments bar.

6. Remember the Design Details: You can incorporate bar stools, motorized reclining seats, large throw pillows and blankets, as well as floor cushions for the little ones.
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