60 Second Gear: Sync Pocket Operators to Novation Circuits! | Tutorial for Circuit Tracks / Rhythm

Comments: Is there anything with your Circuit or Pocket Operators (or using them together) that you would like a tutorial or tips on? Drop it below!

Quick video for anyone who wants to use their Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators with their Novation Circuit Tracks or Rhythm. Whats better than 2 different kinds of sweet grooveboxes and music gizmos..? Using them together!

The Tracks was my first groovebox, and the KO / PO-33 was the first Pocket Operator I had gotten.
If you have made music with a Circuit and PO together, link it below so we can check it out!
I will also be doing a more in depth video on this soon, using multiple Circuits and/or PO's.
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