{626} Series Coupling Capacitor Calculation in Half Bridge Push Pull SMPS Circuit Design

Series Coupling Capacitor Calculation in Half Bridge Push Pull SMPS Circuit Design . i explained the calculation and its practical testing with oscilloscope. #theseries #coupling #capacitor series coupling capacitor in any half bridge switch mode power supply either it is a switch mode power supply or it is a inverter welding machine or computer ATX power supplies , is placed in series with the power transformer's primary winding where it is used to maintain the balance of the volts-second integral between the switching devices or MOSFET transistors. the dc rail voltage are applied to 2 polarized capacitors, which are used to divide the dc rail voltage, and the common point of the both capacitor is used a virtual ground for this half bridge topology. The unbalance in the volts-second integral is caused by the inevitable asymmetry found in the switching devices e.g. unequal storage times and saturation voltages. The capacitor senses the volts-second unbalance and converts it to a proportional shift in OC level, resetting the volts-second unbalance, thus preventing flux walking, which will eventually result into core saturation and the possible destruction of the switching devices.
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