6SQ7 EL34 Tube Audio Amplifier: Cathode resistors.

This was going to be a short video on installing the output tube cathode resistors but... things didn't go as planned. I decided to post the mostly unedited version showing my mistake, and how I dealt with it to avoid throwing away the almost finished chassis. This would have been easy to edit out, but I think there is value in showing what happened.

As I say in the video, this work should be done much earlier as part of the initial fabrication. And in the future, I'm going to go back to using the larger version of these type resistors that are much easier to work with!

Any comments saying I shouldn't mount these on top of the chassis will be deleted lol. Mounting hot resistors under the chassis is not gonna happen on anything I build!

This is a replicate of my personal favorite, a 6SQ7-EL34 amp with modifications to make it more "public friendly". This series will document the build in detail, explain all the design considerations, dig into tube data sheets and other criteria that makes this little amp sound so amazing!

I'll get the schematics and BOM up on the website this week as I start on the actual build series.
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