7 Sound System Tuning Myths We Need To Drop

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I hope we can all agree that there's too much voodoo in our industry, especially when it comes to sound system tuning.

Although I'm all for you having your own aural opinion, I think there's (at least) 7 myths we need to bust when it comes to system tuning. Some unnecessary "cruft" that needs to get fleshed out.

Today we'll cover:

- A system tuning rig is more affordable than you think
- How not to hose your low end
- Why sometimes I tune a system flat
- Why EQ is not the great equalizer

00:00 - Intro
01:39 - Myth #1 - System Tuning Gear Is Too Expensive
03:21 - Myth #2 - It Doesn't Really Matter Where You Put Your Subs
06:12 - Myth #3 - The Majority of the Work Happens In The Field
08:26 - Myth #4 - I Should Tune A Sound System Flat
09:37 - Myth #5 - Flat Sound Systems Sound Terrible
11:15 - Myth #6 - System Tuning Takes A Long Time
12:35 - Myth #7 - EQ Makes Every Rig Sound The Same
14:55 - Outro
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